Top Tips for Taking Your Bundle of Joy on a Journey*

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Once you're settled into parenthood, life must go on. Groceries need to be stocked, appointees must be kept, and errands are to be run. But a babysitter isn't always available, and the time comes when you must brave the outdoors with a baby in hand. While this can be a terrifying prospect, fortunately, taking your bundle of joy on a journey need not be as difficult as you might think.

Source Baby Changing Locations
Before setting out on your journey, it might be helpful to place ahead. If you are travelling far, for example, you can use Google Maps to check the facilities on your journey. You can look for such things as caf├ęs, restaurants and coffee shops with baby changing facilities. Of course, not all places provide this. But many corporate outlets such as Starbucks and McDonald's cater well for mother and child. Knowing where these are while out and about with your baby can mean the difference between a lovely day out or a tragic disaster.
Get an Adequate Stroller or Pushchair

An essential part of a baby travel system is the pushchair or stroller you use. Understandably, not everyone can afford a top range stroller, but it's best if you buy the best one you can. High-end brands use quality materials and are the most comfortable for your baby. They also come with added features such as undercarriage storage, are easily collapsible and have more control. Some of the best strollers include Kinderkraft and Hauck. Yet some of the best budget strollers include Red Kite and Joie Nitro.
Secure the Car Seat Properly

The car seat is invaluable when taking your baby out in a vehicle, which is required by law. Yet one study found that 59% of car seats are not installed or secured correctly, resulting in serious injury to children. In addition to buying and installing the best car seat you can afford, you should always ensure the following:

  • Seat belts pass through secure points
  • No slack in seat belts
  • The seat is in the locked position
  • The seat is secure and doesn't move
  • Isofix seats are securely fitted

There are different types of car seats, but the most common system is by using seat belts. Isofix seats use connectors installed in the car during manufacture. Check the device's manual for the correct installation instructions and always perform a pre-travel check before strapping in your child.

Pack the Baby Essentials
When out and about, your child will need various items. The obvious ones are feed and diapers/nappies and wipes. Yet you should also consider spare blankets, a change of clothes and extra bottles. In short, you can never be too safe, and it is sometimes a good idea to take more baby essentials than you think you need. In addition, you never know how a day will go. You may get caught in adverse weather or miss a bus or train. Of course, travelling is more manageable if you have a car, yet you can use baby bags or utilize the storage space in your stroller.

Pack Your Essentials
The baby isn't the only one who will benefit from extra items. You cannot be sure that everything will go to plan, and if you cannot look after yourself, you cannot hope to look after a baby. So make sure you pack for yourself as well. Take a coat or jacket and an umbrella in case of bad weather. It's also a good idea to take some spare clothing, especially tops, since the baby is likely to spit up or soil your dress in some way.

Life-changing Moving Hacks 2021*


Are you moving home soon? If you’re heading to a new home and feeling a little overwhelmed by everything. I have some moving House Hacks & Packing to Move House Tips to share with you! There are some amazing packing hacks that I've found and I hope you really like them.

1)  Before you move, have a purge. Go through every room and make sure to get rid of anything you do not need. Not only will this mean you will have less things to pack, it will also give you some extra room when storing moving boxes.

2) Create an inventory list, including your household items and personal possessions inside your home.  This can also be used as a packing list when labelling boxes.

3) If using a removal company don’t write the contents of a box on it. Write a number on the box and then write a list with each number and what is in that box, don’t just write or mark the top, do the sides too otherwise when the boxes are stacked, you won’t know what’s what. This minmises the risk of someone stealing a box if they think it contains something valuable. Of course most employees are very trustworthy however you cannot be too careful. Make sure you search removal companies London prices, movers prices are complex and depend on numerous factors.

4) when packing your plates, use bubble wrap to line the inside of the box. Wrap each plate in tissue paper and stack them vertically. Pack any gaps between the plates with paper and place bubble wrap on top of them before sealing the box.

5) Use rubber bands to keep pots and lids together

6) Slide socks over each leg of the furniture that you are moving. This will reduce the chances of furniture causing surface damage on hardwood floors whilst moving into different rooms.

7) Use clothes/towels/scarves to wrap breakable items. This is cheaper than buying packing paper or bubble wrap.

8) Put plastic wrap on toiletries around and under the lid, to help keep them from spilling during the move.

9) If you have a dog or cat, put their food/water bowl/litter tray in the same room as where you put it in your old home. The more consistent you are with them, the easier it will be for them to settle in your new home

10)  Put a set of bedding for each bed together and set up the beds first when you arrive at your new home. That night when you are too exhausted you can fall straight into bed as they were the first thing set up.

I would love to hear some of your useful stress free moving hacks and tips

Why I’m Buying Hip Hop Bling This Year*


I love to accessorise an outfit with a piece of jewellery or two, especially when going on a night out or attending a special occasion. As someone who loves fashion, I feel that accessories help to finish off an outfit and bring everything together. One of the best things about jewellery is that there are so many types available – this is great news because it means that whatever you’re looking for there is going to be something to suit you. As someone who has spent years navigating plus size fashion options, this is something really important to me, because I know how it can feel to wearing clothing you aren’t 100% happy with. The fact that there is are so many choices out there can only be a good thing – it means that everyone can wear what they want, when they want. 


Different Types of Jewellery  

Although not immediately my personal style, I have recently been starting to look for Christmas present ideas in an attempt to get organised early. One thing I have started to look for is hip hop jewelry and I am amazed at just how much is out there. If you love a bit of bling then you need to get your hands on some iced out chains because they tick the boxes perfectly. I like my jewellery more understated, however, when it comes to a bit of bling – hip hop jewellery really does have your back. What I love about this style of jewellery is that it really is a statement piece – it’s something that is going to stand out and make people look, which is perfect if that is the look you’re going for. I have my eye on some iced out pendants for a friend because I know that is the type of jewellery that they love – and the fact that there are some affordable options is great for me and my Christmas budgeting

Of course, if you are buying jewellery for someone else always consider their style and what they like, because something like this is a personal style choice and you don’t want to get it wrong. 

Do you buy jewellery as presents? What would you recommend?

4 Ways To Make Dinner Out With Friends More Fun*

Eating out with friends is one of my favourite things to do – whether that’s going for afternoon tea, tackling bottomless brunch or simply going for a beer and burger – it’s all fun! However, there are some definite ways to make it more fun – here are some tips. 

Go Somewhere New 

Trying new places is always fun – even a burger from one restaurant to another varies in style and taste. I love going to new places because it means that I can try something new – and even take some new photos for my social media. There are often different deals on at different times of the week at various places so definitely have a look at what each place is offering and see what day might suit you and your taste buds. 

Book in Advance 

I have always liked booking in advance, but now when places are restricting the number of people that are allowed in its even more important. After all, no one wants to go somewhere and then be turned away – because that just leads to choosing somewhere in a hurry and that is never a good idea. When looking at private dining rooms I tend to book via somewhere like Square Meal which makes it so easy to book into a range of places – it’s even a good way to browse through different dining options and picking somewhere. You can even see which places are child-friendly! 

Read Reviews 

If you are going to try somewhere new then reading reviews is definitely recommended. Social media and even places like Trip Advisor are great for this. Although you can go on a whim and try somewhere because you like the sound of their restaurant menu, realisti8cally you won’t know what you’re getting. Reading reviews or even asking friends for their recommendations helps to make sure that where you’re going is going to be what you like – and that is one of the best ways to make sure you have a great time.  

Get Friends Involved 

If you’re going out with friends then get everyone involved – people with have their own likes, dislikes and needs so make sure that you take that into account. You can ask friends to pick somewhere and get a different friend to pick each time so that you get a bit of variety the choice is yours. 

These past 18 months have been tough and being able to eat dinner out is a luxury that we weren’t able to do for a long time. As such, now that we can and it feels safer to do so I am going to grab every chance I get. Whether that is takeaway around a friend’s house or going somewhere for bottomless brunch I want to enjoy life and make the most of the opportunities we have – and for me that includes enjoying food out with friends. 

What things do you like to do with your friends? Any recommendations on places to eat? 

Check out my 5 tips for eating out with a toddler

The Warning Signs of Requiring a Bookkeeper*

As your business grows, there is only so much time you can dedicate to handling your company records yourself. Starting you can easily rely on a spreadsheet template you sourced online, or even handle some accounting software you purchased to help, but as things get bigger your finances to start to get more complex.

When that day rolls around you are going to stretch yourself thin until you accept the reality that it is time a bookkeeper was doing this area. Some owners accept this early on, whilst others realise much later in the process, but you cannot ignore the signs that are there that it is a requirement.

Around 39% of business owners commit more than 60 hrs a week to their business, which quickly leads to burnout from overworking. Every hour you work has a money equivalent tied to it, and if you add up the amount this time you are giving to your bookkeeping, you know the worth and the amount you spend on this area a month.

Compare the amount you are paying in the time dedicated to your bookkeeping efforts against that of professional bookkeeping services. You may discover that the rate of a bookkeeper in doing the job once instead of you dedicating hours to it every week saves a lot of money.

Falling Behind
When you fall behind on your books, the actual state of your finances are not correct. This in turn makes it much harder to understand your cash flow and discover how your business is performing financially.

Running blind to how your business is performing financially, as well as how to stop running in the red, is a dangerous game. One made all the riskier when you catch up towards the end of the tax year and have to step away from your business to decipher it all. Do it wrong and you'll be paying the penalties.

With bookkeeping services in Manchester, you will be provided with monthly financial statements that showcase where money is going and coming from, handing you an accurate presentation of your company's financial situation.

Leave it With the Accountant

Many business owners make the mistake of leaving their books untouched over the entire year, then dropping them onto their accountant's desk during the busiest tax month.

The mistake is not only that your account is more expensive per hour than a bookkeeper, but they also have the busiest period during the financial year-end where their time is precious in dealing with every client they have. This means they will not have as much time to help you as you may need in doing your bookkeeping.

Having bookkeeping services provide your accountant with up to date records saves a lot of time and expense from your accountant and goes a long way to making sure that nothing gets missed that could lead to a fine from HMRC.

Having a bookkeeper take these stresses from your working life is a benefit and one that allmajor ows you to concentrate on the real task at hand - running your business.

Luvanto is Pure Transformation*


Your lifestyle changes with every passing day and a big part of being happy with your lifestyle to start naturally within the home. 

You may feel that in choosing an area like a floor design you are simply just looking for something to step on that looks pleasing. The truth is that making the right choice by evaluating your personal needs pays back in your day to day lifestyle, giving you more comfort and time to focus on other things.

Underfloor Heating

If you have considered underfloor heating and it is something you are game to have implemented throughout the home, then you need to consider what flooring can perfectly accommodate it.

Underfloor heating adds incredible comfort to the home, as well as increases its value should you choose to sell up in the future. However, it is not compatible with all types of flooring. Many people love the look of real hardwood flooring, but it does not work well for underfloor heating. If the look and feel of a hardwood floor is your desire and you are also desiring underfloor heating, then Luvanto luxury vinyl flooring is a great substitute. 

This flooring option perfectly replicates real hardwood floors whilst being a perfect layer for underfloor heating.


Cleaning floors and looking after them is something everyone has to endure and may take a lot of care to keep them presentable.

If your household sees a lot of regular foot traffic then it's safe to say those days breaking out the mop and cleaning products feel never-ending, and we continue to put it off if we can. This is another area where luxury vinyl flooring provides a helping hand and reduces those hours spent cleaning, as they can be kept in great condition with as little as a simple sweep and mop without requiring specialist cleaning products. 

You spare a lot of time tending to scratches, stains and water damage due to its resistant properties, giving you peace of mind and savings on repair items.

Making it Last

When choosing a floor you want it for as long as possible whilst also having something that will match any change through decorating.

With luxury vinyl flooring you are instantly opened up to designs that will match any changes whilst having a durability factor that lasts for over 20 years before any major replacements could be needed. 

In greatly reducing the work you have to put into your home and providing a longer-lasting sense of transformation with it, you see and feel benefits as well as the time to yourself doing what you wish.

A Quick Midweek Pamper Session To Try*



Now and again we all need to give our bodies some tlc. Whether this be shaving our legs, applying a face mask, or washing our hair with a deep conditioner - making sure our bodies are happy is so important. 

If you don’t have a lot of time on your hands but you know that your skin is in serious need of a treatment - here is a midweek pamper routine you can try that is super easy to do and will refresh your face. 

Use a pore cleansing strip 

The first stage to your pamper routine is a pore cleansing strip. This can be applied on the nose or chin and it will rid the skin of dead cells, blackheads, and sebum. To use this you need to first wash your face and warm it with warm water. Now, on a damp nose or chin, apply the strip and press it down. Press over with a towel and leave to dry for 15 minutes. Remove and you’ll see lots of oil and skin coming out of your pores, cleaning them. 

Apply a face mask 

Once you have done a pore cleansing strip it is time to apply a face mask. A face mask will help to penetrate the pores and you will feel fresher and tighter skin afterwards. Whether you are looking at a hyperpigmentation skincare routine or you have blemished skin - there are face masks out there to suit any need. Apply your mask and leave for 20 minutes, and then rinse off. The easiest way to do this is by applying your mask before you shower, and then simply get in the shower and rinse it off in there. For a midweek pamper session this saves a lot of time. 

Wash your face… twice 

Now it is time for your in-shower pamper routine that will refresh the face and get rid of any last bits of debris or dirt in your pores. Wash your face first with a foaming cleanser made for sensitive skin and this will provide a light cleanse for your pores. Then go in with a charcoal face wash which will penetrate deeply and will rid the skin of any dirt. 

Apply toner

Once out of the shower, it is time to rebalance the pH of your skin and ensure that it does not breakout. This is an easy step to do and it will ensure that your pores close back up and that your skin feels balanced and healthy. A toner is a simple skincare item and it should always be applied after you have cleansed. Apply with a cotton pad and upward and outward motions. 

Hydrate with vitamin E 

Now it is time to finish your midweek pamper session with hydration - and this can be easily achieved with a vitamin e oil. You can get vitamin e oil from any drugstore and applying this in gentle patting motions all over the skin will rejuvenate the skin as well as promote blood flow.

Where to Go for A Last-Minute Babymoon*


A babymoon is a relatively new concept that couples are adopting as their last hurrah before the baby arrives. It's an idea of taking a vacation with your partner to celebrate the impending birth and spend quality time together before life changes forever. But wondering where to go last minute that's easy, with good access to health care if there are any problems? Here are five excellent last-minute destinations for a relaxing and fun babymoon!

Rome, Italy
Rome is a lovely city to explore on your babymoon. You can aimlessly wander throughout the ancient roman ruins and eat an amazing plate of cacao pepe, while enjoying the Italian “dolce vita”. The food there is great, the streets are cobble-stoned, and the history of this ancient city will fascinate you. It's easy to get around with its excellent public transportation system, and there are plenty of good hospitals if any problems arise. There is also the option of private clinics in case you want a more luxurious experience during your last-minute babymoon.

Spa Getaway in Iceland
Iceland is a charming place to travel during the summer months. It's relaxing and easy to get around the destination with good public health care; you'll be able to soak up the beauty of this country which is already known for its potent geothermal activity. The Blue Lagoon is the perfect place to go for some pre-baby. Take advantage of being surrounded by such beautiful nature and indulge in the Lava view suite at the Blue Lagoon hotel and bounce back and forth between your suite and the amazing spa! You can even enjoy a nice dinner here with your partner while enjoying the relaxing display of geothermal waters boiling, steaming, and smelling lovely in front of you.

Beach Magic in Marbella, Spain
Marbella is a great place to travel last minute. The beaches are beautiful, there's plenty of good restaurants, and there are many private clinics to take care of you if anything goes wrong during your babymoon in Spain. It's also easy to get around Marbella with its international airport nearby, and the public transportation system is also pretty good.

Cotswolds, England
Cotswolds is a beautiful English countryside region close to a large and lovely airport (London Luton). The best time to visit here in summer is between May and September. This place comes highly recommended as it's picturesque, charming and nearby if you don’t want to travel internationally before your baby is due! This is the kind of trip if you are interested in beautiful gardens and peacefully wandering around.

Lavander Galore in Provence, France
Provence is an absolutely lovely region of France. It's known for its medieval villages, delicious local cuisine, and sunny weather. The French Riviera here is also another nice option for you to enjoy during your babymoon. Nice airport and excellent public health care make Provence a great place to choose as your last min babymoon destination.

These destinations are safe and relaxing and can give you a bit of everything you want, from amazing food and a distinct cultural experience. Every destination has its own charm, so you can choose the best place for your destination. We hope these tips will help you in planning the perfect last-minute babymoon!

Review | Hotel Paradiso, Underbelly Festival*

courtesy of The Other Richard
We were kindly invited down to watch Hotel Paradiso at the Underbelly Festival and it was just a fab performance! Full of thrills, gasps, laughs and drama!

At the start of the show the characters started off talking to the audience (in character of course) and we both really enjoyed that. It helped us get into the theme of the show perfectly.


courtesy of Nino Giuffre

The show is based at The Hotel Paradiso. A rather run-down hotel which is run by Madame who unfortunately lost her parents at a young age and was left in charge of the hotel alongside her wine loving concierge and his staff of two, the bell boy and the chambermaid.

Two mysterious bankers arrive with a 24 hour notice to raise the cash for the hotel or lose it for good! Follows is 60 minutes of non stop heart-stopping acrobatics and a series of laugh out loud clowning moments.

Our favourite act of the show was the hula hoop routine, no plot spoilers but it involves lots of hula hoops and a bottle of champagne.

Overall I must say it’s a great show! The performers were fantastic especially with the lighting storm and heavy rain falling onto the tent. The show is only an hour-long, so perfect for the smaller members of the family. A must see and we will definitely be going again!

Age Recommendation: Most Suitable for Ages 5+

Performances: 2.00pm  

Running Time: Approximately 60 minutes

Ticket Prices: From £15

Address:  Cavendish Square, London, W1G 0PN                    

*We received complimentary tickets for the purpose of this review 

Dating After Lockdown*



COVID-19 has affected all of our relationship lives. Whether you've spent the pandemic not being able to see your partner due to coronavirus restrictions or spending a year-plus at home in near isolation.

Now that “Freedom Day” is here wearing a mask is no longer enforced which unfortunately means cases have started to rise and social distancing is now scrapped. Going to a crowded venue may not be the best place to go on a date.

Today I am sharing with you 5 tips to get you back in the dating game if you are a little anxious about restrictions lifting:

Prioritise Your Health and Safety
it’s important you’re putting your mental health first, especially if you’re worried about the danger of Covid-19 variants despite the rise in people being vaccinated. Staying safe when online dating is something that you should always keep in mind. When you decide to take the plunge and meet someone you have been talking to online such as sites like Hampshire dating it is essential you tell a friend where you are going and your plans. 

You could both agree to take a PCR test, even if you do not have any symptoms to keep each other safe.

Have A Virtual Date
If you’re anxious about meeting someone or maybe you’re not sure whether the etiquette and protocol is different when you’ve made contact virtually, rather than meeting face to face. Take advantage of the new phase of virtual games, quizzes and chats. There are loads of exciting things to do online – escape rooms, museum tours and even something as simple as ordering a takeaway and watching a Netflix film at the same time.

Book A Restaurant With Outdoor Seating
If you meet someone online and you are getting along well, but you want to take your relationship one step further, you will inevitably have to meet in person. Having a al fresco meal means you can have a fun socially-distanced date whilst being comfortable.

Places are getting booked up pretty quickly, what with the lovely weather we have been having lately everyone is in a rush to enjoy dining out So, when you lock a date in, don't leave planning the venue to the last minute

Watch A Film At The Cinema
Go when it is quieter and book in advance online. This way you can pick seats where there are no strangers around you. Cinemas have been pretty hot on keeping their venues clean, well ventilated and encouraging the use of face masks.

Movie dates can be fun and can always be mixed with dinner or something else to stretch the date for a longer time if you are enjoying each other's company.

Go For A Walk
Most city centres are far quieter than they ever were and it's a great time to see tourism hotspots without the crowds. If you are looking for something a little more romantic, a walk in the park taking in all the nature around you.

If you have met on an Hampshire dating site, you could head to the New Forest National Park which boasts over 140 miles of tracks and footpaths.

Going for a walk is also a very relaxed way to get to know someone as you can get a sense of someone when there are fewer distractions around you.

Make sure you are wearing something comfortable to help prevent chub rub and bring a umbrella in case it rains.

I'm Ready For A New Start*


Freedom Day has finally encouraged many of us to venture outside and go back to our normal lives. However, after many lockdowns and adjustments, it’s fair to say that now’s is the time for a fresh start. You want life to take a new direction and bring you something exciting and different. 

A fresh start is good for the soul and the mind, especially when you feel you are on a path that leads to nowhere. However, knowing you want to start fresh is not the same as knowing where you want to start. If you feel ready to try something new and different and wander in a new direction, here are some ideas to inspire risk-takers. Ultimately, a new start is a new experience. It means getting out of your comfort zone. So, what is your level of acceptable discomfort? 

Unsplash - CC0 Licence 

New country, new start

With Brexit, it might be tempting to move away from the UK and settle in any EU country. After all, once you’re settled, you can freely travel within the EU borders, giving you a vast range of opportunities. If you are concerned about foreign languages, the Republic of Ireland can be a fantastic place to start. A lot of famous tech businesses have offices in Dublin, including Google. With the help of an immigration lawyer ie, you can face the daunting process of relocation with confidence. Moving to a foreign country can affect your right to live and work here, which is precisely why you want a professional legal expert at your side. 

However, moving abroad is also a liberating process that frees you from the shackles of the past. You can be a new you without anybody around to remind you of your old self.

Off with the old relationship

Relationships can last for a long time. But a long relationship is not necessarily a happy one. Long relationships can have long past their prime and become a source of stress and unhappiness. Sure, it feels comfortable to stay with someone you know. But what’s the point if you are not happy? As daunting as it might seem, sometimes letting go of the old relationship can make room for more. It’s the occasion to find yourself again. 

Bye-bye unhealthy lifestyle

Does a new lifestyle change who you are? In a way, it can be a source of positive changes. A healthy lifestyle can help you regain self-confidence and strength. However, transforming your lifestyle means building new habits, which can take a lot of time. The mind is wired to go back to the old habits. So, if you are going to visit the gym regularly, for instance, you want to enrol an accountability buddy. Training with a friend makes you accountable and forces you to stick to your new routine. The same principle applies to changing your diet or even introducing mental health routines. Do tackle it alone. Together, we can build better habits. 

A bold stylish decision

Last but not least, there’s nothing like a new hairstyle to feel like a different woman. Are you ready to transform your hair? Hair change may not seem like a high risk. But it is a transformation that can boost your mood and encourage self-exploration. New hair, new you. 

Unsplash - CC0 Licence 

Where will your new start take you? Whether you want to go all-in with moving abroad or you prefer a safe hairstyle change, there is more than one way to take a fresh start. Seize the opportunity to become a new you. 

How To Entertain The Whole Family At Home This Summer*

There are only a few weeks left until the kids break up for the summer holidays but if the lockdown meant that you've already ran out of ways to keep the little ones entertained. Don't worry i've got your back, here are some fun ideas to help you keep the family enterained at home over the summer.

Art and Crafts
A perfect way of getting your kids creative juices flowing is doing some arts and crafts. It could be something as simple as making paper planes and decorating them, to making cinema tickets for family movie night or tie dying t-shirts. Pinterest is great place to find ideas or if it makes it easier you can buy kits from places such as; Baker Ross, The Works, Hobby Craft or even Amazon.

Family Book Club
One of the best ways to inspire a love of reading in your family is to read together. It is a great way to make reading a fun experience and to keep their brains ticking over the summer holidays. It is important to select books that your kids are able to read on their own and also to allow them to pick their own book. Yes that might mean you'll end up reading Diary of a Wimpy Kid, but you never know you might end up really enjoying it.

Set aside a afternoon or evening where you can all sit and discuss the book together for example over dinner or if the weather is good a picnic in the park.

Watch Movies
We love nothing more than movie night in this household and with Amazon Prime, Disney+, Now TV and Netflix we have plentty of films to pick from. Movie nights are a great way to spend time with the family without breaking the bank and leaving the comfortable of your own home. Make it fun by picking a theme, you can dress up as characters from the film or even make theme food and cocktails.

Play Games
We love playing games together, even though we are slightly competitive at times. Playing games as a family help make fond memories, develop learning skills, teach life skills and most importantly family time means bonding times.

We play simple paper games such as Noughts and Crosses and Hangman. Board games including Connect 4 and Jenga. We also play online games on the Nintendo Switch and many games on the Laptop and Tablet.

We use the Plays.org website simply because it’s free, so easy to use & has so many games for all age groups. Their new in section is often updated, so there is always something fun to play. I love how there are also lots of educational games to pick from, not all screen time is bad in my eyes.

If you have any tips for keeping the family entertained, I’d love to hear them!

Where I Want To Visit In York 2021*

*In collaboration with Hotels.com, but all views are my own

 Travel for many of us seems like a distant memory. Gone are the days of booking a last-minute getaway or a spontaneous adventure to a far-flung destination. While we can't travel right now, when lockdown is eventually lifted and the rules are changed – which fingers crossed will be from around spring – I have decided it is time to start thinking about Staycations.

One place I have always wanted to visit is York, famous for its cobbled streets, cute little tea rooms, independent shops and Medieval history. Today I thought I would share with you some places I cannot wait to visit once lockdown restrictions are lifted.

image by visityork.org

York Castle Museum
Step back in time to the sights, sounds and smells of Victorian England. A family friendly interactive experience. You get to wander through the cobbled streets and narrow alleys. Browse old shops full to the brim of hidden treasures like old sweets and medicines. There are also opportunities to interact with actors as you explore the museum.

Tickets are £8.50 for Adults, children under 16 are free.

Tower St, York YO1 9RY

image by visityork.org

The Shop That Must Not Be Named
This shop is a must for all Harry Potter fans of all ages as there is something for everyone inside for fans of the books and films. Selling everything from wands, books, collectibles and clothing. You will feel like you are shopping in Diagon Alley.

30-31 Shambles, York YO1 7LX

image by visitharrogate.co.uk

Betty's Famous Tea Room
If you are looking for a classic british Afternoon tea experience, this is the place to go. They have been serving traditional afternoon tea since the 1920s and are famous across the world. You will need to book well in advance as this one of the most popular places to visit in York. If you do not want the whole experience, you can pop into their shop and have a look at all the yummy sweet and savory treats.

6-8 St. Helen's Square, York YO1 8QP

Where in the UK are you thinking of traveling? Let me know what you would include on your UK travel bucket list in the comments below.

Before travelling please check the rules that apply to your nation before you travel.

What Might Life Demand From You This Year?*



As we all know, life has been a little crazy lately. Who would have thought a year ago that we’d all very much still be living in the same kind of atmosphere and environment as we were back then? But we are! A lockdown is still live and we’re all twiddling our thumbs a little bit. Life very much feels like it’s no pause but we’re all still trying to keep ourselves safe, keep the spirits up, and make the most of life as we can. And then, there’s also still a bit of hope.


There’s hope that things will start to change soon and that we’ll be able to see our loved ones again and make plans. And that’s exciting at least. To keep yourself sane and motivated, it can be nice to think about what the year might look like for you whenever you’re allowed to do anything. And what might that be?

Moving To A New House

Maybe a house move is on the cards? Have you outgrown where you are or do you want to move to a new area? Maybe it’s time to buy a house? Whatever your motivations here, you may be ready for a bit of a change and it could be that moving to a new house is what you’ll do this year.

A New Job

If you’ve been thinking about changing careers or shaking things up a little, you may find that you are interested in a new job this year? Sometimes this can be the thing that you’re excited about the most. So maybe you want to go out for a new job here?

Improving Your Relationships


It may even be the case that you want to be able to work on the relationships you have in your life a little too. This can be such a lovely and rewarding thing to do. Even if you feel stressed and like things aren’t working out, divorce solicitors may not be the best option. Instead, it might be better to work on things. This can be the same with your parents or friends. Maybe this year is the year of enjoying better, healthier relationships.

To Slow Down A Bit

It could be that you just want to slow down a bit. Maybe the last year has taught you that you don’t always have to be on the go and that can be okay. So maybe you just want to slow yourself down a little bit and enjoy some of the smaller moments.

A Complete Life Change


Sometimes, things happen in life that force us to see situations for what they really are. As tough as that can be, our friends and loved ones can be different. Our priorities can change. We can start to realise that things we thought were serving us just aren’t! And that can be a strange realisation to have but it can also be real. And so, sometimes you may find that you need to have a complete life change. If you feel like this could work for you, maybe it’s time?