Getting Creative During Lockdown*

I am sure I am not alone in finding that lockdown 3 hits a little differently – I can’t be the only way just praying for a little sunshine. That said, I am writing this blog post at nearly 5pm and it’s not quite dark yet, so Spring is in sight! With Miss D off school again we’re both missing the routine a little but cracking on with home schooling as best we can – which I am sure is the same for everyone. I have been looking online for some inspiration on how to get creative and thought I would share some ideas with you. 

Baking is a great activity that all ages can join in with, so it’s worth having a look into. Don’t worry, you’re not expected to be the next Mary Berry but some rice krispie cakes can do wonders for the soul – and they keep everyone busy for a while. Now Miss D is a little older I can get her involved in preparing dinner or making lunch. Maybe you could ask your little ones to put together a menu of what they would like to cook and use some of their online time to research recipes?

Use Screen Time Wisely
Electronic devices are a great distraction and I’m not one for shying away from this. However, I do think it can be a good idea to use the time wisely – there are some really fun and informative videos online you can watch together which can help with learning. Most of us are not natural teachers, so these videos can be a good way to get a little help with home-schooling.

Get Creative Online
Making a diary or scrapbook of their time in lockdown can be a nice way to get children creative too – especially creating something online that they can share with friends and family they’re not able to see. Places like Design Bundles have lots of resources such as fish SVG which can help you with creating the designs you wish. Of course, if you’re really good at designing you can even use things like their Fall SVG files to create party invites or even blog images, if you happen to be a blogger.

Make Use of Things at Home
The thing to remember is that you don’t have to spend a fortune in order to find things to do at home. There are so many things in our homes to get creative with, so don’t think you have to buy all sorts of things. Look in your cupboard for food you already have when it comes to baking, or sign up to free YouTube videos or even BBC Bitesize that has plenty of things to choose from too.

Remember through all of this; don’t be too hard on yourself! We’re all just getting by as best we can – there are no wrong or rights! Just do what you need to in order to survive and let’s all look forward to better weather and when things can go back to normal.

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