Where I Want To Visit In York 2021*

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 Travel for many of us seems like a distant memory. Gone are the days of booking a last-minute getaway or a spontaneous adventure to a far-flung destination. While we can't travel right now, when lockdown is eventually lifted and the rules are changed – which fingers crossed will be from around spring – I have decided it is time to start thinking about Staycations.

One place I have always wanted to visit is York, famous for its cobbled streets, cute little tea rooms, independent shops and Medieval history. Today I thought I would share with you some places I cannot wait to visit once lockdown restrictions are lifted.

image by visityork.org

York Castle Museum
Step back in time to the sights, sounds and smells of Victorian England. A family friendly interactive experience. You get to wander through the cobbled streets and narrow alleys. Browse old shops full to the brim of hidden treasures like old sweets and medicines. There are also opportunities to interact with actors as you explore the museum.

Tickets are £8.50 for Adults, children under 16 are free.

Tower St, York YO1 9RY

image by visityork.org

The Shop That Must Not Be Named
This shop is a must for all Harry Potter fans of all ages as there is something for everyone inside for fans of the books and films. Selling everything from wands, books, collectibles and clothing. You will feel like you are shopping in Diagon Alley.

30-31 Shambles, York YO1 7LX

image by visitharrogate.co.uk

Betty's Famous Tea Room
If you are looking for a classic british Afternoon tea experience, this is the place to go. They have been serving traditional afternoon tea since the 1920s and are famous across the world. You will need to book well in advance as this one of the most popular places to visit in York. If you do not want the whole experience, you can pop into their shop and have a look at all the yummy sweet and savory treats.

6-8 St. Helen's Square, York YO1 8QP

Where in the UK are you thinking of traveling? Let me know what you would include on your UK travel bucket list in the comments below.

Before travelling please check the rules that apply to your nation before you travel.

What Might Life Demand From You This Year?*



As we all know, life has been a little crazy lately. Who would have thought a year ago that we’d all very much still be living in the same kind of atmosphere and environment as we were back then? But we are! A lockdown is still live and we’re all twiddling our thumbs a little bit. Life very much feels like it’s no pause but we’re all still trying to keep ourselves safe, keep the spirits up, and make the most of life as we can. And then, there’s also still a bit of hope.


There’s hope that things will start to change soon and that we’ll be able to see our loved ones again and make plans. And that’s exciting at least. To keep yourself sane and motivated, it can be nice to think about what the year might look like for you whenever you’re allowed to do anything. And what might that be?

Moving To A New House

Maybe a house move is on the cards? Have you outgrown where you are or do you want to move to a new area? Maybe it’s time to buy a house? Whatever your motivations here, you may be ready for a bit of a change and it could be that moving to a new house is what you’ll do this year.

A New Job

If you’ve been thinking about changing careers or shaking things up a little, you may find that you are interested in a new job this year? Sometimes this can be the thing that you’re excited about the most. So maybe you want to go out for a new job here?

Improving Your Relationships


It may even be the case that you want to be able to work on the relationships you have in your life a little too. This can be such a lovely and rewarding thing to do. Even if you feel stressed and like things aren’t working out, divorce solicitors may not be the best option. Instead, it might be better to work on things. This can be the same with your parents or friends. Maybe this year is the year of enjoying better, healthier relationships.

To Slow Down A Bit

It could be that you just want to slow down a bit. Maybe the last year has taught you that you don’t always have to be on the go and that can be okay. So maybe you just want to slow yourself down a little bit and enjoy some of the smaller moments.

A Complete Life Change


Sometimes, things happen in life that force us to see situations for what they really are. As tough as that can be, our friends and loved ones can be different. Our priorities can change. We can start to realise that things we thought were serving us just aren’t! And that can be a strange realisation to have but it can also be real. And so, sometimes you may find that you need to have a complete life change. If you feel like this could work for you, maybe it’s time?