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Dating After Lockdown*



COVID-19 has affected all of our relationship lives. Whether you've spent the pandemic not being able to see your partner due to coronavirus restrictions or spending a year-plus at home in near isolation.

Now that “Freedom Day” is here wearing a mask is no longer enforced which unfortunately means cases have started to rise and social distancing is now scrapped. Going to a crowded venue may not be the best place to go on a date.

Today I am sharing with you 5 tips to get you back in the dating game if you are a little anxious about restrictions lifting:

Prioritise Your Health and Safety
it’s important you’re putting your mental health first, especially if you’re worried about the danger of Covid-19 variants despite the rise in people being vaccinated. Staying safe when online dating is something that you should always keep in mind. When you decide to take the plunge and meet someone you have been talking to online such as sites like Hampshire dating it is essential you tell a friend where you are going and your plans. 

You could both agree to take a PCR test, even if you do not have any symptoms to keep each other safe.

Have A Virtual Date
If you’re anxious about meeting someone or maybe you’re not sure whether the etiquette and protocol is different when you’ve made contact virtually, rather than meeting face to face. Take advantage of the new phase of virtual games, quizzes and chats. There are loads of exciting things to do online – escape rooms, museum tours and even something as simple as ordering a takeaway and watching a Netflix film at the same time.

Book A Restaurant With Outdoor Seating
If you meet someone online and you are getting along well, but you want to take your relationship one step further, you will inevitably have to meet in person. Having a al fresco meal means you can have a fun socially-distanced date whilst being comfortable.

Places are getting booked up pretty quickly, what with the lovely weather we have been having lately everyone is in a rush to enjoy dining out So, when you lock a date in, don't leave planning the venue to the last minute

Watch A Film At The Cinema
Go when it is quieter and book in advance online. This way you can pick seats where there are no strangers around you. Cinemas have been pretty hot on keeping their venues clean, well ventilated and encouraging the use of face masks.

Movie dates can be fun and can always be mixed with dinner or something else to stretch the date for a longer time if you are enjoying each other's company.

Go For A Walk
Most city centres are far quieter than they ever were and it's a great time to see tourism hotspots without the crowds. If you are looking for something a little more romantic, a walk in the park taking in all the nature around you.

If you have met on an Hampshire dating site, you could head to the New Forest National Park which boasts over 140 miles of tracks and footpaths.

Going for a walk is also a very relaxed way to get to know someone as you can get a sense of someone when there are fewer distractions around you.

Make sure you are wearing something comfortable to help prevent chub rub and bring a umbrella in case it rains.


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