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How To Entertain The Whole Family At Home This Summer*

There are only a few weeks left until the kids break up for the summer holidays but if the lockdown meant that you've already ran out of ways to keep the little ones entertained. Don't worry i've got your back, here are some fun ideas to help you keep the family enterained at home over the summer.

Art and Crafts
A perfect way of getting your kids creative juices flowing is doing some arts and crafts. It could be something as simple as making paper planes and decorating them, to making cinema tickets for family movie night or tie dying t-shirts. Pinterest is great place to find ideas or if it makes it easier you can buy kits from places such as; Baker Ross, The Works, Hobby Craft or even Amazon.

Family Book Club
One of the best ways to inspire a love of reading in your family is to read together. It is a great way to make reading a fun experience and to keep their brains ticking over the summer holidays. It is important to select books that your kids are able to read on their own and also to allow them to pick their own book. Yes that might mean you'll end up reading Diary of a Wimpy Kid, but you never know you might end up really enjoying it.

Set aside a afternoon or evening where you can all sit and discuss the book together for example over dinner or if the weather is good a picnic in the park.

Watch Movies
We love nothing more than movie night in this household and with Amazon Prime, Disney+, Now TV and Netflix we have plentty of films to pick from. Movie nights are a great way to spend time with the family without breaking the bank and leaving the comfortable of your own home. Make it fun by picking a theme, you can dress up as characters from the film or even make theme food and cocktails.

Play Games
We love playing games together, even though we are slightly competitive at times. Playing games as a family help make fond memories, develop learning skills, teach life skills and most importantly family time means bonding times.

We play simple paper games such as Noughts and Crosses and Hangman. Board games including Connect 4 and Jenga. We also play online games on the Nintendo Switch and many games on the Laptop and Tablet.

We use the Plays.org website simply because it’s free, so easy to use & has so many games for all age groups. Their new in section is often updated, so there is always something fun to play. I love how there are also lots of educational games to pick from, not all screen time is bad in my eyes.

If you have any tips for keeping the family entertained, I’d love to hear them!


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