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I'm Ready For A New Start*


Freedom Day has finally encouraged many of us to venture outside and go back to our normal lives. However, after many lockdowns and adjustments, it’s fair to say that now’s is the time for a fresh start. You want life to take a new direction and bring you something exciting and different. 

A fresh start is good for the soul and the mind, especially when you feel you are on a path that leads to nowhere. However, knowing you want to start fresh is not the same as knowing where you want to start. If you feel ready to try something new and different and wander in a new direction, here are some ideas to inspire risk-takers. Ultimately, a new start is a new experience. It means getting out of your comfort zone. So, what is your level of acceptable discomfort? 

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New country, new start

With Brexit, it might be tempting to move away from the UK and settle in any EU country. After all, once you’re settled, you can freely travel within the EU borders, giving you a vast range of opportunities. If you are concerned about foreign languages, the Republic of Ireland can be a fantastic place to start. A lot of famous tech businesses have offices in Dublin, including Google. With the help of an immigration lawyer ie, you can face the daunting process of relocation with confidence. Moving to a foreign country can affect your right to live and work here, which is precisely why you want a professional legal expert at your side. 

However, moving abroad is also a liberating process that frees you from the shackles of the past. You can be a new you without anybody around to remind you of your old self.

Off with the old relationship

Relationships can last for a long time. But a long relationship is not necessarily a happy one. Long relationships can have long past their prime and become a source of stress and unhappiness. Sure, it feels comfortable to stay with someone you know. But what’s the point if you are not happy? As daunting as it might seem, sometimes letting go of the old relationship can make room for more. It’s the occasion to find yourself again. 

Bye-bye unhealthy lifestyle

Does a new lifestyle change who you are? In a way, it can be a source of positive changes. A healthy lifestyle can help you regain self-confidence and strength. However, transforming your lifestyle means building new habits, which can take a lot of time. The mind is wired to go back to the old habits. So, if you are going to visit the gym regularly, for instance, you want to enrol an accountability buddy. Training with a friend makes you accountable and forces you to stick to your new routine. The same principle applies to changing your diet or even introducing mental health routines. Do tackle it alone. Together, we can build better habits. 

A bold stylish decision

Last but not least, there’s nothing like a new hairstyle to feel like a different woman. Are you ready to transform your hair? Hair change may not seem like a high risk. But it is a transformation that can boost your mood and encourage self-exploration. New hair, new you. 

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Where will your new start take you? Whether you want to go all-in with moving abroad or you prefer a safe hairstyle change, there is more than one way to take a fresh start. Seize the opportunity to become a new you. 


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