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Your lifestyle changes with every passing day and a big part of being happy with your lifestyle to start naturally within the home. 

You may feel that in choosing an area like a floor design you are simply just looking for something to step on that looks pleasing. The truth is that making the right choice by evaluating your personal needs pays back in your day to day lifestyle, giving you more comfort and time to focus on other things.

Underfloor Heating

If you have considered underfloor heating and it is something you are game to have implemented throughout the home, then you need to consider what flooring can perfectly accommodate it.

Underfloor heating adds incredible comfort to the home, as well as increases its value should you choose to sell up in the future. However, it is not compatible with all types of flooring. Many people love the look of real hardwood flooring, but it does not work well for underfloor heating. If the look and feel of a hardwood floor is your desire and you are also desiring underfloor heating, then Luvanto luxury vinyl flooring is a great substitute. 

This flooring option perfectly replicates real hardwood floors whilst being a perfect layer for underfloor heating.


Cleaning floors and looking after them is something everyone has to endure and may take a lot of care to keep them presentable.

If your household sees a lot of regular foot traffic then it's safe to say those days breaking out the mop and cleaning products feel never-ending, and we continue to put it off if we can. This is another area where luxury vinyl flooring provides a helping hand and reduces those hours spent cleaning, as they can be kept in great condition with as little as a simple sweep and mop without requiring specialist cleaning products. 

You spare a lot of time tending to scratches, stains and water damage due to its resistant properties, giving you peace of mind and savings on repair items.

Making it Last

When choosing a floor you want it for as long as possible whilst also having something that will match any change through decorating.

With luxury vinyl flooring you are instantly opened up to designs that will match any changes whilst having a durability factor that lasts for over 20 years before any major replacements could be needed. 

In greatly reducing the work you have to put into your home and providing a longer-lasting sense of transformation with it, you see and feel benefits as well as the time to yourself doing what you wish.


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