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Life-changing Moving Hacks 2021*


Are you moving home soon? If you’re heading to a new home and feeling a little overwhelmed by everything. I have some moving House Hacks & Packing to Move House Tips to share with you! There are some amazing packing hacks that I've found and I hope you really like them.

1)  Before you move, have a purge. Go through every room and make sure to get rid of anything you do not need. Not only will this mean you will have less things to pack, it will also give you some extra room when storing moving boxes.

2) Create an inventory list, including your household items and personal possessions inside your home.  This can also be used as a packing list when labelling boxes.

3) If using a removal company don’t write the contents of a box on it. Write a number on the box and then write a list with each number and what is in that box, don’t just write or mark the top, do the sides too otherwise when the boxes are stacked, you won’t know what’s what. This minmises the risk of someone stealing a box if they think it contains something valuable. Of course most employees are very trustworthy however you cannot be too careful. Make sure you search removal companies London prices, movers prices are complex and depend on numerous factors.

4) when packing your plates, use bubble wrap to line the inside of the box. Wrap each plate in tissue paper and stack them vertically. Pack any gaps between the plates with paper and place bubble wrap on top of them before sealing the box.

5) Use rubber bands to keep pots and lids together

6) Slide socks over each leg of the furniture that you are moving. This will reduce the chances of furniture causing surface damage on hardwood floors whilst moving into different rooms.

7) Use clothes/towels/scarves to wrap breakable items or larger furtinure such as Hammock stands from getting scratched or dented. This is cheaper than buying packing paper or bubble wrap.

8) Put plastic wrap on toiletries around and under the lid, to help keep them from spilling during the move.

9) If you have a dog or cat, put their food/water bowl/litter tray in the same room as where you put it in your old home. The more consistent you are with them, the easier it will be for them to settle in your new home

10)  Put a set of bedding for each bed together and set up the beds first when you arrive at your new home. That night when you are too exhausted you can fall straight into bed as they were the first thing set up.

I would love to hear some of your useful stress free moving hacks and tips


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