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3 Things To Think About When Buying a House


By any stretch of the imagination, buying a house is a big deal. Whether you’re looking to get on the property ladder or you want to climb it, choosing the right property and knowing you have made the right financial decision is a big thing. So, today here are 3 things to think about when Buying a House. 

What To Buy  

Of course, buying the right property is super important – and selling in the right way too!. If you are able to financially then considering the property you’re going to need in the future rather than just right now can help to avoid future home moves. For example, if you know you’re going to be working from home soon or you have children planned then shopping for a house that takes these into account means that you won’t have to move when the time comes. Make a list of the things that you would like from a house and consider which of them are just things that would be nice and which things are essential. Browse on Rightmove, register with local estate agents and do your research into the area you want to live as this will make the decision making easier. 


That said, budget is something that definitely comes into play and should be thought about massively. There is little point browsing Rightmove and coming up with dream houses if they’re going to be out of your price range. Speaking to a financial advisor and/or a mortgage broker can help to see what your affordability looks like. Before you get to that stage, play around with an affordability calculator online – this gives you a chance to mess around with figures and see what difference things makes. For example, do you have enough deposit or would saving up a little more make a big difference? 

When To Buy It 

When to buy is something that is personal to you, your finances and your circumstances. Buying a house now means that you’re likely to be completely around February time, so consider what that means for things like kids moving schools and changes to your job. Also, be sure to speak to an estate agent about the local housing market, what things are doing now, property prices and how the future looks – especially if you have a house that you want to sell at the same time. 

If you have any tips for buying a house I’d love you to share them!


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