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It’s Easy to Care for Amtico Vinyl Flooring

If you have an interest in the lowest price Amtico flooring then you know that luxury vinyl tiles are one of the best looking products you could have chosen to layer throughout your home.

It provides long-lasting life, durable strength over almost every daily obstacle and so much relaxation you can enjoy for the longest time.

A Bit About Choice
Amtico ranges such as Form, Signature and Spacia provide unparalleled hardwearing floors in so many varieties to choose between or you can even go for something a bit more original and bespoke. This can happen before your warranty on your first Amtico floor is up in 25 years if you are wanting to give a new feel for the room.

Thankfully, it's not a chore to pull up and replenish with a new design - certainly much easier than other flooring solutions out there like real hardwood or stone. Luxury vinyl flooring is built to last, so don’t feel the need to replace and waste a strong floor.

Caring Steps
Despite being a top design model for hardwearing, there are still elements of care that need to be done to keep it looking the way it should.

To preserve the look and feel of your investment, semi-regular maintenance is required depending on the amount of traffic it endures. By simply sweeping the floor with a soft brush or dust mop, you can clean the entrances to avoid dirt being walked through to other parts of the house. A non-abrasive floor cleaner diluted with water and a soft mop will easily bring back the sparkle to your floor after even the worst weather poses a challenge.

Do not leave any water spots or puddles on the flooring surface. Even vinyl’s water resistance can be tested by leaving it too long by making the adhesive weaken.

Although common sense when caring for your floor rules over most of the guidelines, there are still factors to take seriously to ensure it stays in its best condition for its expected lifespan.

It is important to not use any aerosol sprays or products that are silicone-based on vinyl, as these will overcoat the anti-slip safeguard and make the top layer very slippery. Using matting at any entrances will reduce any water, dirt or debris reaching your floor - but be sure that is not using rubber underneath the mats as this can affect the wear layer.

Rubber tends to stain luxury vinyl flooring so it should be avoided unless there are felt pads on the ends of furniture to reduce the possibility of scratching. If painting your room, be sure to cover your vinyl floor as the paint will leave stains too hard to effectively scrub out.

By taking on these guidelines and others, you can be assured of having no flaws in your perfect floor.


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