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How to Avoid Cracks & Leaks in Your Home This Winter

Cracks and leaks are the bane of every homeowner, but the good news is they’re mostly very manageable. Having a good awareness of where cracks and leaks can appear in the home is a great start, but you can prevent them even further by following these top tips from this foundation solutions company.

Check your roof for missing or damaged tiles
Damaged tiles cause leaks due to it being easier for rainwater to head into the ceiling instead of being protected by the roof. Keep an eye on any loose tiles on your roof and replace them as soon as possible.

Check your guttering and drainage across the home
Clean guttering means less damage to the sides of your home and structural damage. Gutters and pipes usually fill with leaves and other debris that can mount up if not cleared out properly. In the rainier months it’s wise to keep an eye on the guttering and clear away any obstructions.

Seal windows and doors
Having window sealant and clear sealing of the doors reduces the amount of draughts entering the home and cooling the home. Better kept windows and doors reduce cracks and leaks as it reduces damage being brought into the home.

Waterproof your foundations
Firstly, check the foundations for any cracks or other damage. These will need to be fixed before any additional work is done on the foundations. Large gaps can be filled with caulk material designed to be leak-proof and manage structural damage.

Now you can direct water away from your foundations as much as possible. You can do this in a few ways: pile topsoil or pebbles to safely drain water and keep it away from the foundations, make a small well for water to enter, or line the sides of your property with gravel.


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