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How To Keep Your Home Warm in Winter*

Whether you’re worried about the rising cost of energy or you’re just looking at ways to cut back on your household bills, energy is certainly somewhere that most of us can save some pennies. Personally, I am someone that hates feeling cold and tend to have the heating on as well as a blanket on the sofa and cosy socks – there is something so unproductive about feeling cold, I just can’t get going. As much as I know the importance of cutting back on utility bills and saving money, I just can’t bring myself to not put the heating on; because who wants to be cold; especially when a young child in the house. So here are some tips on keeping your home warm in winter.

Look Out for Draughts
A draft coming into your home is a sure fire way to put up your heating bills. A draft not only means that cold can come in, but it means that your heat can get out. If you have a draft in a house then you may as well be putting on the heating while you have the window open – it is such a waste. Go around your house and make sure things like windows and doors aren’t letting in a draft – if they are they invest in things like draft excluders to make sure that this is eradicated as much as possible. Even things like closing doors throughout the doors can stop the heating cycling around unused areas of the house.

Make Sure Your Heating is Efficient
When your heating is on you want to make sure that it works as efficiently as possible for you – closing doors to ensure that you are heating a room at a time is essential. Not only that, but switching off the radiators in rooms means that you’re not wasting energy – and money – heating a room that doesn’t get any use.

Invest in the Future
Although it can seem like a big expensive, looking into new boiler installation can help too. Technology means that new boilers can be super-efficient and work better; which saves you money. Not only that but an old boiler, especially one that is not maintained well can break and leave you with a costly repair bill. Places like BBright have a range of boiler installation options, so by speaking to them you can get an idea of what is best when it comes to your home – and that is a great way to save money and ensure that your heating is as efficient as possible in the long term.

Some Handy Hacks
There are some great lifestyle hacks which allow you to share around the energy and heating in your home. For example, if you have been cooking with the oven then if it is safe to do so leave the door open when it is switched off and you have finished cooking, this will allow the hot air in your oven come out and heat up the rest of your home.

In my opinion blankets, throws, rugs and anything else cosy really helps too. Not only do they help you to feel warmer but even just having them around can help a room feel more cosy and welcoming. I love sitting down in an evening to relax in front of the TV with a blanket and even a hot water bottle – it really does make all the difference!

If you have any tips on how to keep your home warm in winter then please share them below


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