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How to Support Your Child’s Mental Health

Mental health is something that the vast majority of us will have to navigate at certain points in our lives, and it’s becoming more important for children and parents to learn how to manage their anxiety and the potential for shifts in behaviour. There are many strands of mental health that children and parents can navigate together, which starts at home. This guide from a private school in London will show you how to support your child.

Be there to listen to them
Listening will be a core skill in developing an understanding of how your child manages different scenarios and what can be done to help improve their frame of mind. Regularly ask your child how they’re doing and what they may require support in, aside from the usual schoolwork and other minor issues at school.

Support your child through difficult times
Identify exactly where your child struggles and work with them on appropriate solutions. There could be areas in your child’s development where they have difficulty in understanding and learning, which is a good opportunity to problem solve with your child. Make a note of any changes in your child’s behaviour and see how you can best support them in these changes.

Remain involved in your child’s life
There are accentuating circumstances when it comes to maintaining a relationship with your child, but there should always be a level of effort made. Ask your child daily how their day was and what they’re learning about in school, if they’ve made any new friends and so on. Not only are they going to feel more valued as people, you’re going to be able to notice behavioural changes easier if you keep an eye on your child.

A child that’s in tune with their mental health is more likely to pick up on social cues, how to handle difficult scenarios when they arise, and learn how to turn to their parents, friends or teachers for advice.


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