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Trends are such a touchy subject. Should we buy into Interior Design trends or ignore them altogether? Whatever the answer is for you a lot of us care at least a little bit about Interior Design Trends. So, today I am sharing with you a few of my favourite Interior Design Trends that I think we will be seeing in 2022;

Shopping Sustainably

During the pandemic, we all have become more sensitive to the environmental impact of our shopping decisions, this includes purchases for the home. When it comes to decorating a home sustainably, your first point of action should be searching for secondhand treasures. If you’re secondhand shopping online, check out places like local Facebook groups, Spock, Gumtree, Preloved and eBay. 

Shops such as Ikea sell ex-display products, discontinued furniture through to preloved items from their Buy-back service. Don't forget to shop local, It's better for the environment by helping reduce your carbon footprint and you also help support local businesses.



Monochromatic colour schemes in interior design use a single base colour for the room, but incorporate different shades, tints and tones of the main hue within the room’s palette. This creates a very bold, dramatic look whilst still being quite soft and elegant to the eye. It’s easy to create a sense of harmony and balance in the room when you’re using a monochromatic colour palette in interior design.

You can add monochrome into your home in many ways. From wallpaper, rugs or even windows. You can replacement sash windows with either vinyl, aluminum, composite, or wood windows which come in so many colours. Replacing slash window with double glazing will increase security of your home.

Shades of green

This trend has been brewing for a couple of years now, many people think about creating a lush environment with living plants, you don't have to be green fingered as they basically look after themselves. Just water them once a week and leave them to it, they also help to clean the air. You can add green to your interior with a rug or tiling where the colour is broken up by a pattern or make a statement with a velvet sofa.

Wood panels

Wood paneling has been used as dressing up a property for decades now. You can now give your home interiors a new and fresh look by using different styles of panels. Wood itself is a good piece of insulation material. It means that the warmth state inside the house could be kept for a longer time so you will have more warmth inside during winter.It is also a great way to sound proof a room. Last but not least, if there is any damage on the wall, you can replaced just some parts of it and without changing the wall perfect if you are renting your home.

What are some interior design trends from 2021 that you hated? What home decor and furniture trends do you hope to see in 2022? 

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