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Top Tips for Teaching Your Child to Read

Plenty of children will get involved in picking up a book and learning new words, phrases and sentences from reading on a regular basis. Reading also gives children a lot more benefits than just expanding your child’s English skills. Here in this guide from a prep school boarding provider in Taunton, we take a look at some top tips for letting your child pick up on their reading skills.

Act out your reading
Making reading a more exciting experience is allowing your child to visualise your reading experience through acting it out and making voices for different characters can really benefit in your child’s learning. They can also make them feel more motivated to learn how to read by being able to clearly imagine scenarios happening in the story in their head. The more motivated you are with reading, the more interested your child will feel about reading.

Use picture books
Picture books are hugely helpful in a child’s first steps towards regular reading. It’s the easiest way to build on their visualisation skills and get them used to new words to add into their vocabulary, like adjectives and adverbs. Animal books are usually a favourite with children, as well as farm life books and history books.

Use a variety of reading material
Your child may prefer picking up a comic book or visual novel when they’re a bit older instead of the traditional reading books. Cater to a variety of options for your child by exploring different reading formats. They may not necessarily enjoy longer stories, and that’s fine! It’s all about learning how to give the best results for your child’s reading ability.

Pick up word practice games on the go
Fridge magnets are great for this in terms of building your child’s reading skills. Simply get some word labels, or alphabet magnets, and arrange them on the fridge. Your child can then practice spelling words they’ve seen in the stories they’ve been reading recently. Making your child more confident in their English language skills will greatly boost their confidence in reading.


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