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3 Things I Would Love To Do In Dublin *


I’m not sure whether I’ll get to do much travelling this year, but we can all hope can’t we? Although I might not get a holiday this year that doesn’t stop me dreaming of the things I might do if I get away. I think I am probably more likely to be able to achieve some sort of city break than I am anything extravagant, so another trip to Dublin could well be on the cards for me at some point. I’ve been before and really loved it, but as with most short breaks I didn’t get to do everything that I would want to, so here’s things I would love to do if I were to visit Dublin again. 

Try More Local Food 

As a self-confessed foodie I am always interested in local cuisine and what they have to offer. I know from experience that there are lots of Dublin restaurants to choose from and I am sure that more have popped up since I last visited; so I would love to try out even more of them next time I visit 

Sight See 

Are you really on holiday if you don’t visit some local tourist attractions? Last time we visited the Guinness Storehouse which was a really fun experience. I would love to see more of Dublin Castle and possibly have a quick look around Kilmainham Gaol – I bet a jail with that much history has plenty of stories to tell! If I was travelling with D then I would likely be dragged to Dublin Zoo, although truth be told I probably wouldn’t need much persuading! 

Have an Irish Night Out 

It may be a bit stereotypical, but generally we all know that the Irish enjoy a good night out! I have been to a few Irish theme bars in my time, but I imagine that there is nothing quite like a night out at somewhere such as the Temple Bar. After all, if you’re in Ireland it would be rude not to experience some of that infamous Irish hospitality that we often hear so much about. The Temple Bar is one of Ireland’s most famous bars and when you consider that the bar dates back to the 1300s it is easy to see why. Not only that but I hear it is pretty well located to allow you to stumble through some streets and experience plenty of Dublin entertainment without too much hassle, why wouldn’t you want to try it? 

I know that everyone wants something different from their holiday. I don’t often have many expectations – simply the chance to enjoy some nice food, be entertained, see some new sights and most of all have some time to relax away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life – oh wouldn’t that be nice! 

Have you been to Dublin before? If you have any sneaky tips on things to see or places to go I would love you to share them.


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