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5 Outdoor Learning Activities to Explore with Your Child*

Outdoor learning is fun and engaging for all children, especially those with a kinaesthetic learning style. The hands-on approach makes lessons more memorable through their real-life application and teaches children about the world around them. We have teamed up with an independent school in Hampshire to share 5 outdoor learning activities that you can do with your child.

Nature Trail
There’s a vast number of plant and insect species that you can explore with your child when out on a nature trail. It can teach them about biology and help them to understand why it’s important that we protect natural habitats.

Take Them Out to a Farm
Farms are another place that can help your child connect with nature. You can use the experience to teach them about where their food comes from and what happens before it reaches the supermarket. Surprisingly, almost a third of primary aged children in the UK don’t know about where cheese comes from while a quarter think that fish fingers come from chickens.

The Water Cycle
There are many courses that water can take which you can teach your child about. It can help them to learn about the weather and why we experience it the way that we do. There are several experiments that you can do to demonstrate. For example, you can leave a cup of water out on a sunny day and get them to observe how water sits on different surfaces when it rains.

You can get your child to practice their counting and addition using objects that you find in your garden. There are many different objects that you can use from conkers to flowers.

How to Take Care of The Planet
One of the ways that we can minimise waste is through composting. With a compost bin and leaves, you can get a compost going. This will show your child a way that they can be more green and teach them about natural biological processes.


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