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Helping Your Child Prepare for School Exam*

Exam performance is all down to preparation. The earlier that your child prepares, the better equipped they’ll be. It can make the process a lot less stressful too, helping them to concentrate and take more on board. A top London sixth form has shared ways that parents can help their children to prepare for their exams with us below.

Make Sure That They’re Eating Right
A balanced diet is essential for concentration. It fuels the body with the right nutrients that it needs for good brain function and information retention. Filling up on the wrong foods like energy drinks that are high in sugar can in fact make them feel more tired and lethargic, making it harder for them to concentrate.

Help Them Create Their Own Study Space
To help your child study for their exams, find somewhere in the house that’s ideal and far away from potential distractions. This should be somewhere that’s less busy and free of devices like TVs, consoles, and phones to help them avoid procrastination.

Test Them
This is appreciated by verbal and kinaesthetic learners. Having someone to test you can help you to see if you're on the right lines when studying and can help your child to learn from their mistakes. It’s a lot more interactive than completing past papers and a much more memorable way of learning for some.

Help Them Find Their Learning Style

The way that we learn differs from person to person. We all have different learning styles and the three that are most recognised are kinaesthetic, visual, and auditory. Having this information can be useful as it can help your child to find better methods of revision. You can help them to identify which they belong to by getting them to complete quizzes


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