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Exploring Mindfulness with Your Child*

Mindfulness is the name given to the techniques that can be used to control feelings of high emotion and distress. They are used by those that suffer from mental health conditions to manage their emotions by focusing on things that are around them to divert from their overwhelming thoughts. Exams can be stressful, and these techniques can help children to cope with the stress better. We have joined forces with an independent school in Surrey to share a few ways that you can explore mindfulness with your child.

Mindful Breathing
Breathing is key when it comes to practising any form of mindfulness. It slows down the heart rate and breathing that get faster and shallower when feeling distressed. This can prevent panic attacks being brought on. The simplest breathing exercise to do involves taking deep breaths to a count of 3 and releasing to the same. They’ll find that after the exercise they feel more relaxed and can think clearer.

Activities to explore gratitude can help to remind children of how loved they are. It helps them to be mindful of the present and the things that they have when feeling anxious or dealing with any other overwhelming thoughts. This can be done by getting them to carry out breathing exercises and think about the people and things that they have to be grateful for. It’s worth noting that this may not work for all children as it’s possible to still suffer from mental health despite having all of those things.

Blowing Candles
Smaller children may find blowing pretend candles easier. It takes their mind away from stressful situations and thoughts by getting them to imagine that your fingers are candles that need to be extinguished. They’ll need to blow these repeatedly to do this until you think that the flames are gone.


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