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Finding An Internship Abroad | Top Tips*

For many students, an international internship is a chance to gain valuable work experience along side their studies. A good placement will not only give you good work experience, but will also help you to gain contacts in your chosen industry and show future employers that you have impressed someone enough to give you a job.

Today I am sharing some of my top tips for finding an international internship whilst studying at university.

Start looking early
If you know you want to do an international internship, make sure you start to think as soon as you begin your course. If you are looking for an internship in the summer but do not start looking until spring. You may not be giving yourself enough time and you will probably have other priorities, such as exams and course work.

If you are looking at International Internships Tokyo there are many companies, such as Beyond Academy, which help you find an internship for you for a fee. Don't be put off by the fee. Not only do they arrange the internship for you, they also provide a whole range of other services including; workshops, career coaching and airport transport on arrival, to name a few.

Keep your CV up to date
If you are planning to study aboard you may well have already written a CV, but it is important that you keep this up to date as you gain more experience throughout your time at university. It is also important to tailor your CV for the opportunity you are applying for. One CV will not work for every application you make. Build your network and be proactive.

Your university may run networking events and you can use websites such as LinkedIn and Eventbrite to find people responsible for arranging internships.It can also be worthwhile to look at UK companies that have headquarters in other countries.

When you contact people, make sure you include a covering letter targeting that specific company and consider a follow-up call. It is also important to be patient and polite, as people in these positions can often be busy and receive a lot of requests.

Practice your interview skills.
Getting an interview is a great step towards securing an internship, but it is important to make sure that you are prepared. If you have never practised being interviewed , it is likely that you will not perform at the best of your abilities on the big day. Think about questions that you may be asked, think about how you should answer them, and practise. Practice in to a mirror, with a friend, whatever works for you.

You could even film your answers and watch them back to see how you can improve. You can also practice how you present yourself. It’s best to use a confident speaking voice with friendly, open body language.

If you do have an unsuccessful interview, make sure that you ask for feedback and then learn from it. That way you will be in a better chance next time.

Get professional
It is important to get into a professional mindset before your internship starts. This includes getting an appropriate work clothes ready, practicing your workplace etiquette and even practicing getting up early for several days beforehand

Get help from your lecturers.
Everyone from your course directors to your personal tutors is there to help you and are a valuable resource when you are looking for an international internship. Make sure you engage with them . Many tutors come from industry backgrounds. They are an amazing resource, so make sure you make the most of them.

Use the Career Support Team
Many universities will have a career support team. The career services team can help with everything from writing CVs and cover letters, to preparing for interviews and assessment days and everything inbetween. They are there to support you, so make sure that you make an appointment and see how they can help you.

Stay positive and don't give up.
Finding a placement can be a challenging and time-consuming activity. It is important to approach your search with a focused and positive attitude. And to stay confident to overcome any barriers and disappointment. Finding your ideal internship may not happen overnight, but with perservance and a positive attitude, you'll be setting yourself up with the best possible chance.

If you have any more top tips that you've come across during your search for an internship or placement, please do share it in the comments below.


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