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5 Jewellery Tips Everyone Should Know | How To Build A Jewellery Collection*

When it comes to jewellery, it seems that you’ve got two choices. You can either get something affordable and relatively pedestrian. Or, you can get something that’s exquisitely unique and painfully expensive.

Today I'm sharing 5 Jewellery tips everyone should know. These are my tips to find high quality jewellery and build a jewellery collection full of things you love to wear now and forever;

Start Low

Choosing lower price jewellery gives you the opportunity to get a feel of what type of jewellery you enjoy wearing and if it will be worth investing in the finer version. Lower end pieces are available in most stores, they even look like fine jewellery.

Experiment in secondhand or vintage jewellery

Buying second hand jewerlley is a really good way to use what has already been made so you're not resorting to things that are new in production. It is also a really good way to get things that have been made a little bit better yet still at a really low price. There are so many great vintage jewellery out there, check out Etsy or Ebay for jewellery from all around the world. If you do not want to shop online check your local charity shop.

Careful With Costume jewellery

It is important to be careful with costume jewellery, this is because sometimes they can look rather cheap, they can tarnish really easily and often are not worth the money, even if they were cheap. Be mindful when you are purchasing to really examine it, look to see if it is already starting to tarnish.

Go for items such as faux pearls as they look better for longer as there is nothing to tarnish. When looking at vintage costume jewellery make sure that there are no stones missing, look to see if the stones look a little realistic as it will make the item look much better.

Silver or Gold

From a consumer's perspective, with gold prices higher than ever, silver is a better investment for fine jewellery. Silver is almost as strong as gold, it can last a lifetime, and its main drawback is tarnish. Also bare in mind whilst picking a metal also think about what colour goes with the colour palette of your wardrobe, complexion, hair and eye colour.

Know Your Size 

Figure out the sizes of jewellery that you like to wear, this can be from the necklace length to your ring size, all the way to your bracelet size. This will help guide you in the right direction to what style of jewellery you enjoy and ensure that they go with the style of your wardrobe and will not be left neglected in your jewelery box. 

Take a tape measurer and measure the length of the necklace to see where it will lay on you or measure the point of the necklace that you already have to see if you can wear them together.

What is your favourite type of jewellery? Do you have any tips on building a jewellery collection? I would love to hear them!


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