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A Guide to the Different Neighborhoods of Toronto*


Toronto is world-renowned as the most diverse city on Earth. Thanks to its welcoming attitude and thriving job market, hundreds of different cultures live here and exchange ideas and cultural beliefs daily.

This has created very distinct neighborhoods across the city that each have their own feeling for them. If you've never been to Toronto before, visiting may make you feel like you're going through several major cities at once!

These are some of the most interesting neighborhoods to keep an eye out for.

Casa Loma

This Toronto neighborhood is named after the fun Casa Loma castle that has been decorating the city since the early 1900s.

The community is surrounded by ravines and parklands, making it an incredibly green portion of Toronto. If you want city living without feeling bogged down by the traffic and noise, this is the place to go. 


If you adore shopping, this area could spell trouble for you! Yorkville is Toronto’s top shopping district and has some fun and excitement for anyone who wants to get out and get a little retail therapy.

The restaurant scene in this area is also fun, ranging from chic cafes to fun clubs and bars; you'll be able to enjoy entertainment 24/7... if you can afford to live here. The housing here is very limited and very expensive, so it's something to work up to if you want it. 

North Toronto

Formerly its town, this older part of Toronto shows its age with grace and beauty. The older architecture, countless beautiful brick buildings, and walkable neighborhoods make this a fantastic place to move if you want affordable homes for sale in Toronto.

Granted, the houses here are smaller, with many in duplexes or split levels, but having a slice of beautiful Toronto at such savings is worth it.

Liberty Village

Bordered by King Street and Dufferin Street, Liberty Village is one of the most expensive neighborhoods in the city. Home to a gorgeous large park, and countless fun experiences like rock climbing and the farmer's market, Liberty Village has created the feeling of a small, tight-knit community in the middle of the most populated city in Canada.

Most of the people who live in this area are young working professionals, so there are many kids and starting families. The schools in this area are some of the best in Toronto and can offer many chances for any students in your family.


Most cities have a Chinatown area that hosts a variety of east Asian cultures in one spot, but Toronto's is one of the most interesting and fun to visit. With food and shops from various backgrounds, including Chinese, Thai, Vietnamese, and Japanese, you can find food and fun that will sate any appetite.

The streets here are very walkable, and every time you visit you'll find something new and thrilling. So if you're in town for just a weekend, ensure that you dedicate a few hours to a full day in this great area of Toronto.


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