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Helping Your Child Become More Independent*

It can be difficult for parents to watch their child grow up and no longer need their mum and dad, but independence is actually massively important for their overall development. In fact, it’s something you should try and encourage where possible. Here are some tips from an independent school in Bath.

Teach Your Child Various Life Skills
Next time you’re working on the garden, cooking a meal, or topping up your engine oil, ask your child to get involved and teach them what to do. There are lots of skills that they will need to develop throughout their childhood that will benefit them when they eventually grow up and go it alone. What’s more, by teaching them various skills, they will become increasingly more confident in their abilities and feel more self-reliant.

Don’t Mollycoddle Your Child
If your child falls over and scrapes a knee, you might feel obliged to scoop them up and kiss them better, but that only encourages them to rely on you for attention and affection whenever there’s a minor incident. As long as they haven’t sustained serious injuries, try not to pamper them. Instead, brush them down and say something like “oh dear, that was silly, but you’ll be fine”.

Embrace Mistakes
Try not to be too hard on your child if they fail at something or make a mistake. For instance, if they forget to take a coat out when leaving the house, don’t lose your temper but instead use it as an opportunity to learn. They will be cold this time, but that will remind them to take their coat next time. This will help your child become better at making smarter, independent decisions.

Ask Your Child’s Opinion
Now and again, ask your child for their opinion. If you don’t know what to cook for dinner, ask them what they would like. If you’re having a movie night, let them choose the film. Asking for your child’s opinion and encouraging them to make choices will show them that their thoughts are valid, and you trust their judgement. As a result, they will feel more comfortable voicing their thoughts and opinions going forward, which will help them become more independent.


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