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3 Reasons To Encourage Children To Play Outside*

We live in a time where video games, social media and TV seem to be everywhere and whilst there are plenty of good things to these activities, it does mean that the art of playing outside can be lost on our children. There are so many positives to outdoor play, so here's a look at 3 reasons to encourage children to play outside.

Develops Their Imagination

There is something really lovely about children's imaginations and it is something I feel should be nurtured and encouraged. This may not happen if they are stuck watching videos of other children having fun. With the right encouragement, a wooden swing can quickly become a flying car or a spaceship, there is no end of ideas that children can come up with. Wickey are a really great place to buy items like this from, as they offer natural design items that are affordable and suitable for gardens of all shapes and sizes.

Exercise and Burning of Energy

As adults, we know that regular exercise is a good thing for many reasons and the benefits for children are no exception. Exercise doesn't need to be workouts in the gym or structured activities - a run around the park or pushing their friend on the swings can be just as beneficial. Not only is that good for their overall health, but burning off that amount of energy each day means they are likely to relax better in the evenings and their sleep will improve - which is a great thing for overall well being.

Gives Everyone a Break

We all know what it feels like to be stuck in the house for a few days - you start to feel fed-up, frustrated and bored. Children will be no different. Getting outside to play and having a run around will leave them feeling energised & positive about their day. Not only that, but as long as they're safe to play without you (for example, they're in the garden) then you can the chance to enjoy a cup of tea in peace - and that is pretty priceless!

Don't just assume that you should encourage children to play outside when it is warm - they tend to care less about the cold weather than us. As long as they're dressed appropriately, some playing outside in the colder weather can be just as beneficial. After all, being resilient to bad weather is definitely not a bad skill to learn!

If you have any thoughts on encouraging children to play outside then I would love to hear them


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