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Exploring Gratitude with Your Child *


Being grateful means that you are increasingly appreciative of the things you have around you and what you can do with what you already have. It’s in part a big element of how children can manage their own expectations as well as learning to love what they already own and have around them.

To build gratitude within your child, here are some top tips from this private girls school to help you get started.

Ask your child what they feel grateful to have
Your child may feel very happy about a lot of things they have in their life. Maybe they have a really close bond with their brother or sister, or a best friend. They may have a small set of toys that they greatly appreciate, or have a favourite book that they could read time and time again. These things can help your child identify what it means to be grateful and how they can work on their understanding of appreciation.

Show your child what you appreciate in your life
Provide your child with a number of examples that they can use to learn about what they know is gratitude, and how to express it. If you remind them on a regular basis about what you are grateful for in your life, open it up to your child and ask them regular questions about what they feel is important in their life.

Praise your child for all that they do
Your child can fall into a rut of only feeling they’re doing their best if it’s at 100%. This would make life a whole lot more difficult for your child, and it can give your child unrealistic expectations of perfection. Instead, show your child how they can appreciate all the hard work they put in to begin with. It’s not always about the end goal - it’s about how your child feels they did. Show them how proud you are of their work no matter what.


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