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How To Make Your Garden More Exciting*

Most children love playing out, but it isn't like it was in my day. Gone are the days of leaving in the morning with a packed lunch and strict instructions to be back in time for dinner - no way for mum to contact me on my mobile and just a trust that I would be okay. Things are different for children now and often playing out means in their own garden - so how do you make your garden more exciting?

Add Play Equipment

One of the best things you can do is add things like a climbing frame to the garden - as this immediately gives them something to climb on, jump off and have fun with. I like the ones by Fatmoose, as these come in a range of styles which means there is something suitable for pretty much any garden. They also come with additions such as slides or swings if you want to add a little extra to what they have. 

Let Them Be Involved

Children love to be involved in things and feel a real sense of pride when they have been able to finish a project. If you have ever had a fussy child then you'll know that them being involved in cooking dinner always encourages them to eat more. The garden is no exception - get them involved in building the new climbing frame, or their own patch of garden and you'll find that they pay much more interest to what is out there.

Give Them Free Reign

Children also love the chance to run free & let their imaginations run wild, so giving them a chance to do this in the garden will be great! It doesn't have to be with anything extravagant some small garden toys or a cheap paddling pool can be enough to get the excitement flowing. Add in some friends and a cheap picnic lunch and you have the makings of a really fun and exciting day in the garden!

Children don't usually take much encouragement to want to spend time outside, so creating somewhere fun for them to play where you know they are closeby and safe can only be a good thing for you and them. 

If you have any ideas on how to make your garden more exciting I would love to hear them!


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