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Understanding Your Child's Learning Style *

We all have our own approach to learning and picking up new skills, and when we were children we also had our difficulties in learning. It’s important to pass on what you know to your child who will have their own unique learning styles.

Here in this guide from a sixth form in Somerset and Bristol, we look at the ways you can learn to pick up how your child prefers to learn.

Observe your child

It’s probably a given, but you’re going to learn a lot about your child through their mannerisms, ways of working and even down to how they pick things up. Take a look at how they usually pick up cues, what they are naturally aware of and how they manage basic tasks. This gives you a lot more awareness of how your child tends to manage their own skills and what they use to help them naturally.

Look at their biggest interests

A lot can be said about how your child likes to learn. If your child loves music and playing instruments they may not just be better listeners and lean into more audio-visual ways of learning. Your child may also be more of a methodological learner, using logic and reason within their decision making.

Your child may be an avid reader, which would indicate how your child learns in a different way to others. They may really appreciate things written down in front of them, or they are avid note takers.

Try and test your child’s skills

When doing homework, or having educational play time, comes a good opportunity for your child to work on their learning styles and figure out for themselves what makes them learn in the best way. Provide a range of creative activities for your child to explore to let them find out what works for them, and in turn it helps you with your understanding of their skills.


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