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Exploring STEM Subjects with Your Child*

To make the most of your child’s understanding of STEM, there’s a lot we can do as parents to facilitate their interests. STEM is a great series of subjects to explore at any age, which is why you should aim to make your child get involved in science, the development of technology and much more.

To help your child with their understanding of STEM subjects, here are some tips from this private boys school in London.

Help your child work on their awareness of the sciences
Since there are so many different strands of just science alone, there is a lot for your child to unpack here. Does your child have a particular interest in medical science for example? Or are they more interested in the computer side of things and want to learn about coding? These things can help you and your child in understanding the many different forms, and they can also find the areas that they are particularly interested in.

Explore a range of science-related museums
While you do have the very traditional science museums in most local cities, there are also days out and fun experiences to be had as well. For example, your child may really love cars and other vehicles, which makes for a great day out at a nearby motorsport museum. This focuses on the technology and engineering involved, so it’s a great place to explore with STEM in mind.

Wildlife parks or safari parks are also great examples of taking your child to a place where they can really learn about science and the biodiversity of the world. If there’s an animal lover in your child then it’s a no-brainer!

Water play
Whether you do this at home or at a swimming pool, water play is a great way for toddlers to embrace the world of STEM. A lot of science is involved in the consistency, feeling and weight of water, which children will discover through playing with toys and machines catered to playing with water.


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