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How to Foster Your Child's Inquisitive Nature*


When it comes to a child’s development of basic skills and intuition, the most important element is the amount of inquisitiveness your child has. Allowing your child to discover what it means to be inquisitive will help your child develop their understanding of the world, spark their creativity and build their confidence skills.

To help with building your child’s inquisitiveness, here are some top tips from this preparatory school in Richmond.

Allow your child to ask as many questions as they can
Part of developing a child’s understanding of being creative and curious is through providing the environment for them to do so. Facilitate this in a way that works with your child. Open up the floor to them and encourage them to ask questions when you’re out and about.

If they don’t feel inclined to you can push them along. Ask things like “what do you think of this?” and point to an object or an animal that they haven’t seen before. Let them come up with the answers themselves in their own time and try not to push them to say what is necessarily the right answer. It’s all about getting your child to think on their own and make worlds in their head.

Read plenty of stories with your child
Fictional worlds and characters open up a lot of possibilities with your child that are at their particular reading level. These are all great for children to pick up their reading and writing skills, as well as learning to be able to write creatively.

Stories can teach children about being kind, forming friendships, what it means to be a part of a family and much more. It will also show your child that you can still experience these things if you’re in a galaxy far away or you’re in a fantasy world.


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