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How to Raise an Environmentally Conscious Child*


In the world we’re in we find that the environment becomes an increasingly more important subject to discuss with our children. A lot of little things can make a difference when it comes to teaching our kids about the environment. Here in this guide from a preschool in New York we look at the ways you can raise a child that’s aware of the environment and wants to do good.

Get your child involved in gardening
Gardening is a good way to show your child how adding plants and natural growth around your home can bring many benefits to the environment. Having plants and flowers in a garden can help boost the amount of insects and wildlife around your garden, as well as reducing the amount of carbon dioxide in the air around you.

Show your child how to recycle
Recycling is of course one of the easiest ways we can all help the environment. In the UK we all have different bins that children can learn about and use as a game. Ask your child to collect the rubbish up and clean each part together ready for recycling. Throwing them into the correct bin can be a good way to test your child’s skills and make environment saving an engaging activity.

Visit the zoo
A lot of kids love going to the zoo or a safari park where they can see many different animals in their new habitats. What’s important about these places is the impact the environment has had on these animals’ future. These places also show children what they can do at home to learn more about these animals and how they can help them in their own way.

Make packed lunches
Work together on making environmentally friendly packed lunches and reduce the amount of waste found in lunchboxes. It can also encourage your child to eat healthier and have a better mindset around the amount of waste we all produce.


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