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Top Tips for Choosing a School for Your Child*


When it comes to choosing the right school, it’s wise to plan ahead. Many schools are known for being oversubscribed and have a series of demanding parents looking for the best school that can provide for their children. With that in mind it’s never a bad idea to plan ahead and think about what school is right for them.

In this guide from an independent prep school in Birmingham we look at the top tips you should consider when looking for the right school for your child.

Research well in advance
Thanks to the rush of getting children into the right schools there can be a lot of competition to factor in. There’s no harm in researching early and getting all the details you need to make a good decision in time for your child’s progression into a new school. In researching well ahead of time you’re getting ahead of the game and potentially putting in your child’s first applications or choices.

Take part in open days
Open days are a great way to see what’s in store at the schools near you. If you can, take your child along with you and have them experience what they can of their potential new school life. Take a look at the classroom sizes and the students in them - are they well behaved and can the teacher handle them? Ask staff about other opportunities as well, like extracurricular activities, sports and creative studies.

Explore trial days at schools
These are basically afternoons or mornings when children can go about their day as if they were a student at the school. They’ll take part in lessons, lunchtime, activities within lesson time and make friends with others. It helps to see what your child specifically feels about the school you’ve chosen and how they could fit in.


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