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Trolls Summer Festival at Sherk's Adventure

We were recently invited to visit Shrek’s Adventure in London. This summer they are hosting a Trolls Festival which gives you the chance to meet everyone favourite Princess Poppy.

If you have not been to Shrek’s Adventure before, it is situated on the South Bank next to the Coca Cola London Eye and opposite the Houses of Parliament. We went there by the Underground and their nearest station is Waterloo or Westminster. It is very easy to walk to the location and there is a park and lots of places to eat nearby.

If I am honest it took Darcy a while to enjoy herself, I found Sherk Adventure to be a little dark. Which is not ideal when your child is scared of the dark. However once I finally settled her down she couldn't wait to explore.

The Shrek’s Adventure tour begins with a brief meet up with Princess Fiona, followed by a manic 4D journey with Donkey. The bus itself is surrounded by 4D screens and it is a wide ride. No spoilers but be prepared you might get a little wet!

The Shrek’s Adventure ride features familiar faces from the Dreamworks family, from Kung Fu Panda to Darcy's favourite Madagascar. There’s a treasure trail across a stinky swamp, a Topsy turvy game show and a mirror maze which we got lost in.

The actors you meet along the way really play the part and you cannot help but get really into the story. There are lots of audience participation and it’s all great fun. Darcy had some brilliant interaction with the Muffin man, which she still speaks about to this day.

The Trolls Festival takes place after the tour for an extra cost in its own private room. The room is decorated just like the Troll village with lots of special details and very bright colours. In the room you get to have sing a long to your favourite songs from the movie, take part in a quiz and meet poppy herself!

I haven't got many pictures of the day because cameras and phones are not permitted to be used during Shrek’s Adventure. You can however use them in the character courtyard at the end of your tour, but Darcy was too scared to have a picture of Sherk ,so we rushed pass that part. You also have the opportunity to buy pictures in a professional photo album at the end of the tour.

The Troll Festival will be at Sherk Adventure until 3rd September. So what are you waiting for? get your dancing shoes on and head down to the South Bank. Believe me you don't want to miss out!


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