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How to Support Your Child’s Mental Health

Mental health is something that the vast majority of us will have to navigate at certain points in our lives, and it’s becoming more important for children and parents to learn how to manage their anxiety and the potential for shifts in behaviour. There are many strands of mental health that childr

Top Tips for Teaching Your Child to Read

Plenty of children will get involved in picking up a book and learning new words, phrases and sentences from reading on a regular basis. Reading also gives children a lot more benefits than just expanding your child’s English skills. Here in this guide from a prep school boarding provider in Taunto

Helping Your Child Develop their Fine Motor Skills

Fine motor skills are the biggest leap in a child’s development right from a young age through to their experiences in primary school and secondary school. We rely a lot on our fine motor skills, like typing on a keyboard, phone or tablet, tying our shoelaces, holding doors open for people and plac


Trends are such a touchy subject. Should we buy into Interior Design trends or ignore them altogether? Whatever the answer is for you a lot of us care at least a little bit about Interior Design Trends. So, today I am sharing with you a few of my favourite Interior Design Trends that I think

5 Restaurants I Want To Visit In 2022*

If you are a foodie fan like myself, you will have numberous restaurants on your bucket list that you want to visit. Today I thought I would share with you 5 places I can't wait to dine at this year! Six by Nico From Chef Nico Simeone, the concept of Six is to provide an experience of a brand n

It’s Easy to Care for Amtico Vinyl Flooring

If you have an interest in the lowest price Amtico flooring then you know that luxury vinyl tiles are one of the best looking products you could have chosen to layer throughout your home. It provides long-lasting life, durable strength over almost every daily obstacle and so much relaxation you ca

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