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5 Amazing Feature Wall Ideas*

Whether you want a big change or a subtle upgrade, a feature wall could be just the thing you need. Here are five feature wall ideas to get you started;

Paint your walls
The simplest and easiest way to get a great looking feature wall is simply to paint it a different colour to the rest of the room. For a bold statement that is still in keeping with the overall design of the room, you should simply choose a shade that is at least 2 shades darker than the other walls. This ensures that the look is in keeping with the existing aesthetics.

Use Brick Slips
If you love the look of brick inside your home you can take advantage of these amazing things called brick slips. These are essentially a slice of a brick front (often several bricks joined together) that are lightweight, and can be applied directly to your wall with adhesive.
The look is authentic brick as that is exactly what it is, but the brick is there for decorative effect, and not to protect your home

Add a mirror
A well-positioned mirror can make a smaller room look bigger. You can use group of mirrors to make a impact feature wall or use a mirror with a pretty frame to deflect attention away from things that are not perfect in your room.

Use removable wall stickers
Rental homes can be tricky, on one hand you want to make it feel like home whilst you're staying there. On the other hand you don't want to make it so homely that you will lose your deposit. Wall stickers are brilliant as they do not take the paint off the walls. 

Add a fire place
Not just a great wall to update your home, fireplaces add some practical usefulness to a room. Electric fireplaces can work out cheaper than using central heating and can also be used during the year’s warmer months to provide an ambiance boost with its lifelike flames, but without the heat turned on.


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