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Why I’m Buying Hip Hop Bling This Year*


I love to accessorise an outfit with a piece of jewellery or two, especially when going on a night out or attending a special occasion. As someone who loves fashion, I feel that accessories help to finish off an outfit and bring everything together. One of the best things about jewellery is that there are so many types available – this is great news because it means that whatever you’re looking for there is going to be something to suit you. As someone who has spent years navigating plus size fashion options, this is something really important to me, because I know how it can feel to wearing clothing you aren’t 100% happy with. The fact that there is are so many choices out there can only be a good thing – it means that everyone can wear what they want, when they want. 


Different Types of Jewellery  

Although not immediately my personal style, I have recently been starting to look for Christmas present ideas in an attempt to get organised early. One thing I have started to look for is hip hop jewelry and I am amazed at just how much is out there. If you love a bit of bling then you need to get your hands on some iced out chains because they tick the boxes perfectly. I like my jewellery more understated, however, when it comes to a bit of bling – hip hop jewellery really does have your back. What I love about this style of jewellery is that it really is a statement piece – it’s something that is going to stand out and make people look, which is perfect if that is the look you’re going for. I have my eye on some iced out pendants for a friend because I know that is the type of jewellery that they love – and the fact that there are some affordable options is great for me and my Christmas budgeting

Of course, if you are buying jewellery for someone else always consider their style and what they like, because something like this is a personal style choice and you don’t want to get it wrong. 

Do you buy jewellery as presents? What would you recommend?


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