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4 Ways To Make Dinner Out With Friends More Fun*

Eating out with friends is one of my favourite things to do – whether that’s going for afternoon tea, tackling bottomless brunch or simply going for a beer and burger – it’s all fun! However, there are some definite ways to make it more fun – here are some tips. 

Go Somewhere New 

Trying new places is always fun – even a burger from one restaurant to another varies in style and taste. I love going to new places because it means that I can try something new – and even take some new photos for my social media. There are often different deals on at different times of the week at various places so definitely have a look at what each place is offering and see what day might suit you and your taste buds. 

Book in Advance 

I have always liked booking in advance, but now when places are restricting the number of people that are allowed in its even more important. After all, no one wants to go somewhere and then be turned away – because that just leads to choosing somewhere in a hurry and that is never a good idea. When looking at private dining rooms I tend to book via somewhere like Square Meal which makes it so easy to book into a range of places – it’s even a good way to browse through different dining options and picking somewhere. You can even see which places are child-friendly! 

Read Reviews 

If you are going to try somewhere new then reading reviews is definitely recommended. Social media and even places like Trip Advisor are great for this. Although you can go on a whim and try somewhere because you like the sound of their restaurant menu, realisti8cally you won’t know what you’re getting. Reading reviews or even asking friends for their recommendations helps to make sure that where you’re going is going to be what you like – and that is one of the best ways to make sure you have a great time.  

Get Friends Involved 

If you’re going out with friends then get everyone involved – people with have their own likes, dislikes and needs so make sure that you take that into account. You can ask friends to pick somewhere and get a different friend to pick each time so that you get a bit of variety the choice is yours. 

These past 18 months have been tough and being able to eat dinner out is a luxury that we weren’t able to do for a long time. As such, now that we can and it feels safer to do so I am going to grab every chance I get. Whether that is takeaway around a friend’s house or going somewhere for bottomless brunch I want to enjoy life and make the most of the opportunities we have – and for me that includes enjoying food out with friends. 

What things do you like to do with your friends? Any recommendations on places to eat? 

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