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Is Your Home Ready for a New Arrival?

Spring is officially sprung. And, as this is the season that’s traditionally thought of as the time the stork visits to deliver new arrivals, this post takes in some of the essential prep and planning you may need to do in your home if you’re currently expecting. Pregnancy can bring all kinds of feelings – nervousness, tiredness and a touch of terror, not to mention the sickness, but it’s likely to be a busy time of excitement for you and your partner.
You may just be settling into the groove of pregnancy and not quite ready to announce that you’re expecting or perhaps after a scan or two you’re desperate to start organising and making changes ready for the new arrival. Wherever you are right now, it’s often wise to start planning ahead as soon as you feel able to.

No matter how far off your delivery date seems right now time can really creep up on you, which is why so many new parents find themselves finishing off those odd jobs around the house or decorating once the baby has arrived! These are tasks that are made a lot more complicated to carry out when you’re working with a sleep deficit and have the constant company of a cute, vulnerable and often demanding new born. There are lots of posts out there already that give some great nursery decorating tips, so this one deals with some of the primary practicalities like deciding which room will be the nursery and making space for all the new essentials like linen, clothes, toys and furniture.

Bringing in boundaries

It’s recommended that your baby sleeps in your room with you for the first six months of their lives so that you can keep an eye on them and be prepared for the frequent feeds. This means that any furniture purchases you make will need to consider that the items won’t be taking up residence in the nursery immediately. Some people choose to purchase a beside the bed cot that acts as a safer extension of your own bed or you could opt for a freestanding cot or cotbed.
Whatever you choose, pay particular attention to sizes if you’re planning to move items between rooms. If you’re in the lucky position of having more than one spare room and you’re wondering which to turn into the nursery, you may want to take into consideration not only the shape and the size of the rooms but whether the route to them is all on one level and how easy it is to moderate the temperature within the rooms.
While it might be a little while until your baby is able to crawl, it’s worth thinking where they might start to wonder to straight away. Baby gates are a popular way of restricting movement between rooms and stairs but you may also want to think about whether you need to create any baby-free zones. If you work from home or like to have a clear spot for crafting or cooking, you might want to think about separating some space off just for you. You could keep a room free for that purpose or section off part of an existing room, using curtains or internal bi-fold doors. The latter can be a good option when you’d like a little more noise protection and can help partition larger and smaller spaces. Vufold offers options ranging from one to four doors in length.

Making space

If you’re already looking around you and wondering where you’ll store the baby’s things, now is the time for a clear out! If you’re short on storage space, invest some time in sorting through things to see what you no longer need. Along with gaining some valuable space you might come across items you can sell at a car boot sale and raise some extra cash towards any baby related purchases you need to make.
According to research carried out by the Money Advice Service, your first year as a parent can cost between £1,600 and £7,200 not including childcare. That covers things like clothing, furniture and other baby essentials. So be mindful there are some great savings to be made by buying certain things second hand or being gifted by friends and family. If you are also expecting to have a reduced income throughout your maternity period, every little bit will certainly help. Putting a budget in place might seem extreme but it should give you a good idea of where you want to splurge and where you need to save, check out Money Advice Service’s handy baby calculator to give you a headstart.

Are you making changes ready for a new arrival? Which aspects have you most enjoyed and what has you in a tizzle?

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