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Tips for a Better Night's Sleep*

 If you have trouble sleeping due to anxiety or stress or any other reason, try out some of my tips and tricks to help you fall asleep quicker! 

Write down your thoughts, it could be anything from things that bothered you during the day to something positive that had happened. Jotting it down will help keep your mind clear and help you sleep. I keep two books by my bedside Calm by Micheal Acton Smith has beautiful inspirational quotes, stories, illustrations and tips; and a cheap and cheerful notebook that I got from Home Bargains where I write random notes, lists and doddles.

Fall asleep listening to some mindfulness or relaxing music. Mindfulness helps you sleep by breaking down your every day train of thoughts which helps you relax. The same way as listening to music will do.

Avoid using electronic items, the blue light from electronic devices will stimulate your brain and keep you awake much longer into the night.

Use lavender-scented products, a lot of products that are designed to help you sleep will contain lavender. According to a study at Southampton University, England, lavender can increase your sleep quality by 20%. Treat yourself to some lavender aromatheraphy  oil and put a few drops on your pillow. Lush also have some lavender-scented items which I use often.

Invest in your bed, there's nothing worse than an uncomfortable bed. Luckily we are now spoilt with different types of beds and mattresses. You can also get electric adjustable beds, which are perfect for sorting out your posture for a good night sleep. Adjustamatic have a video to show you the best way to position yourself whilst in bed.

Masturbate, yes I did say masturbate it's perfectly healthy and normal. Not only does ithe aftermath leave you relaxed, it lowers your blood pressure and releases endorphins.

So these are some of my tips to help you drift off into a peaceful deep sleep. I would love to hear what helps you get to sleep.

*collaboration with Adjustamatic


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