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An Open Letter To My Younger Self (And All New Parents) Parenting*

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Dear Leighanne of the past,
I am writing this letter to you because I know that you are doubting your capabilities as a mother. This is a normal thing for all mums (and dads) to feel throughout their parenting journeys. Sadly, it will encourage you to make things needlessly harder on yourself. I hope that this message will prevent you from making those simple mistakes.
It’s OK To Put Yourself First
You are a loving wife/mother, and this should be commended. You want your lovely hubby and kids to have the best possible lives, but it’s vital to remember that they care about you just as much. Seeing that you are healthy and happy is a crucial factor for their happiness. Essentially, taking care of yourself is a precursor to taking care of them. Do not forget it.
Dedicating time to take care of your health, connect with friends, and complete hobbies is fine. Aside from improving your life, it sets a great example for the family. Besides, many of those tasks will provide the energy boost needed to enjoy life to the fullest.
Frankly, a healthy and happy mum is a better mum. While you will naturally dedicate your life to the family, establishing a sense of balance and commitment to yourself is key. Seriously, you cannot afford to forget about loving yourself.
Love Is More Important Than Tidiness
In your role, building a happy home environment will rightly be considered a major priority. After all, the property will provide the platform for your family to love, live and laugh. While you shouldn’t let it become a complete mess, remember that this is a family home and not page 32 of the IKEA catalogue. A home that has been lived in will never look 100% perfect.
On a similar note, it’s OK to accept help. This could mean using Shiply to find a moving specialist when relocating to a bigger home. Alternatively, it may involve investing in tech devices that will save time around the home. If it allows you to focus more time on your loved ones, it has to be a step in the right direction.
Besides, when they look back on their childhoods, the love you gave will be the thing that the kids cherish most.   
There Is No Such Thing As Perfect Parenting
Like millions of parents, you’ve read the books and guides on how to be the perfect parent. Well, honey, you’ll eventually see that this is an unattainable goal. Frankly, there are far too many variables for this to ever become a reality. But that’s absolutely fine.
You will encounter difficult and dark moments, but you’ll find a way through them. While Jamie Oliver’s recipes or Supernanny’s tips may help, you know your family best. A mother’s intuition is the greatest weapon in your arsenal. With the help of hubby, you will create the best lives for you. Ultimately, that’s all that any parent can ask for.
So rid yourself of the warped image portrayed by the media and ‘professionals’. A routine and lifestyle that works for you is the only thing that matters.
Stay Positive
Last but not least, please know that everything will work out just fine. You’ve got this girl!
Leighanne of 2018.


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