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14 Top Tips To Save Pounds Off Your Shopping Bill

Being a single parent, I'm always thinking of ways to save money and budget. One of the areas I have learnt to save money is our food shop. Today I thought I would share you some of the ways I reduce the cost of our food shop.

Shop around Mysupermarket is a great website to check what place is the cheapest on certain items. I sometimes shop at 3 shops at a time to make sure I keep my shopping bill as low as possible, and I know there are people that make a habit of going here to see if there any discounts to be had when shopping online. I know it can be a little time consuming shopping around at these different places, however it makes such a difference to the bank balance

Best before dates does not mean it needs to go in the bin! It simply means it will taste best before that date but still okay to eat after, if it looks fine and smells fine it provably is!

Freeze food Bulk buying can be cheap, separate portions of meat in individual bags and defrost when needed. Lots of things can be frozen! Grated frozen cheese is good and convenient for cooking. Frozen fruit can also be used in cooking and smoothies. I also make my own chips buy par boiling my potatoes and freezing them, then when I am ready I can chuck them into my Actifry and they turn out perfect.

Reduced food aka Yellow stickers due to date is a great way to save! I used to roll my eyes at my mum when she used to hunt around looking for yellow stickers. Now there's nothing I love more than finding a bargain and putting them straight in the freezer until needed

Take fruit and veg out of packaging to reduce sweating and prolong shelf life, if you do not want to take them out of their packaging place a sheet of kitchen towel into the packet to help soak up the moisture and keep them fresher for longer.

Save leftovers! As there is just the two of us, we do tend to have a lot of leftovers. I always make sure I put them in a Tupperware and use them over a few days.

Batch cook Same with freezing, you can batch cook things such as Shepards pies or Spaghetti Bolognese sauces and freeze them in containers to be defrosted when needed.

Branded items I used to be such a brand snob. Thanks to programmes like Eat Well For Less who do blind taste tests and prove that some times supermarket own brands taste better! I now try and buy as many own brand products as possible. However I put my hands up and admit there are certain things I have to get the branded items. This tend to be coffee and tea bags.

Create a list try and stick to your list , A bargain is only a bargain if you needed it in the first place! Also eat before shopping! This reduces the likelihood of impulse buying. 

Try and use everything in your fridge before shopping again. Most people end up flinging the remains of their fridge for new fresh products. Try using leftover veg into stir fry or soups.

Snack packs are convenient but always more pricey! If using them for packed lunches it's always cheaper to buy small reusable Tupperware boxes and separate your own snacks.

Shop less often I try to shop only once a month and only top up for small items. I keep frozen veg and tinned items such as tomatoes, veg, beans and potatoes so when my fridge is getting empty i have more options for meals. 

Meal plan planning meals in advance ensures that you make use of the things you already have.

Prep your own fruit and veg, I know it's not only boring but time consuming to peel and cut fruit and veg. But think how much money you can save if you did it yourself. Not only will you be helping reducing packaging waste you can also prep them the way you like them.

So those where some of my tips to save money on the food shop, how do you cut down your food bills?


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