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5 Ways to Cut from Your Wedding Budget to Save You Money*


You might think that your wedding has to cost a fortune. It’s understandable why you would assume this. After all, research shows that the average cost of a wedding is about £31,000. That’s a massive bill and one that you likely can’t afford without borrowing. Is it worth it? Perhaps not and there are other ways that you could spend your hard-earned money that could matter more compared to essentially one massive party.

Who doesn't want to cut corners in their wedding budget? I'm sharing 5 ways you can save on your wedding budget;

Get married on a weekday 

Weekday weddings are becoming more and more popular around the world as you not only have more choice of suppliers and venues; it actually becomes a lot cheaper and could save a great amount of your budget.

Visit ordinary clothing shops

Forget about a fancy bridal shop filled with designer gowns! Your perfect wedding dress can be found just around the corner at a simple boutique or department store. A simple, white floor-length dress can offer something unique and laid-back and will cost you much less than a traditional wedding dress with a designer label on it. Shops such as ASOS and Debenhams, have bridal ranges with a more attractive price tag. Instead of buying a typical bridesmaid dress you can choose your prom dress. Classic prom dresses generally have the same design and style as typical bridesmaid dresses, but they are often available without delay.

Buy second hand wedding rings

Did you know jewelry loses its value as soon as you leave the store? This is one of the reasons why more people are now looking at buying second hand wedding rings. Not only is this a very sustainable option, you own a piece of history. Perhaps your wedding ring was owned by a glamorous socialite, who knows?

Be your own wedding photographer

People spend a lot of money on a wedding photographer and the whole process can stress couples out. You might think that a photographer is an essential part of your wedding day plans.but an app could help engaged couples save some money and feel less tense. The Wedding Photo Swap is a really clever online app that enables you to collect and share pictures from your wedding that your guests have taken. 

You can add an unlimited number of albums for each part of your wedding. All the photos uploaded to Wedding Photo Swap are saved in high resolution so when you have collected all the photos from your wedding you can simply choose to download them all or order beautiful prints of your wedding.

Make your own wedding favors

Weddings can often be wasteful. So much plastic wrap, single use items and things that just end up in the bin before the day is even over. You'll often hear people say favors are a waste of money!  Doing your own favors will mean you will not only save money but help the environment. You can find wedding favors ideas on Pinterest and Youtube.

Be wise! It is just one day, do not spend it all on just one day there is life after the wedding day!


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