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How to Raise a Resilient Child*

Resilience is a core element of handling difficult scenarios, being able to manage problems in your own way, being relied upon and working on your independence. For children it’s a big skill they should start learning about from a young age and can be done in small, manageable ways, and even ways they may not even realise help with their understanding of resilience.

In this guide from a prep school in Hertfordshire, we look at the ways you can raise a resilient child to prepare them well for the future.

Give your child different ways to solve problems
Your child may have already learnt to pick up different issues and handle them with ease, but there are going to be so many problems that come up in real time it can be hard to plan ahead. This is why presenting your child with as many ways to tackle a situation will strengthen their understanding of how to approach these issues in the future. You’ll find that each problem comes with a different solution each time, so it’s good to give your child plenty of options.

Get your child involved in teamwork
Learning to work well in a team means that your child can easily bounce off ideas from other people in their group. Your child’s able to pick up different ways their friends or other people in school seem to handle their issues, as well as learning in their own way how to face adversity. Teams rely on a strong level of resilience to work well together and achieve the goals set out for them.

Work through mistakes
Mistakes happen all the time, it’s about how your child learns to handle them each time. Praise them for doing well and move away from giving them a lecture on how to change their ways. It’s about the effort they make and not necessarily the end goal.


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