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My Favourite Holiday Moments*

Just as I thought spring was around the corner, the Mini Beast of the East has decided to make an appearance. All this horrid cold weather has really made me crave a holiday and made me think back to some of my favourite holidays.

Today I thought I would share some with you, starting with Marrakech. This was my first holiday aboard in years. It is such a beautiful colourful country. We had such a contrast holiday, we stayed in a rather tacky hotel, where everyone spoke English even when we made a effort to speak French or Arabic and did not serve any traditional dishes.

However, when we left the hotel each day we got to truly embraced the culture. We visited Souk, Jardin Majorelle, Altas moutains and Ait Ben Haddou which has been the settings for movies such as Gladiator.

I headed to Spain,for my next holiday.  A day before we left I found out that I was pregnant with Darcy. I spent the week struggling with morning sickness. However, it was such a chilled week, we took a day trip to Barcelona and visited the Dali museum, Camp Nou, did some shopping, ate tapas and walked along the pier.

It always brings back fond memories as it was my first official holiday with Darcy.

Talking of Darcy, I took her to Disneyland Paris for her third birthday, along with my Mum and Sister and I have to say we all had the best time ever. Darcy truly felt the Disney magic, meeting some of her favourite characters including Marie and Mickey and Minnie Mouse. 

I honestly cannot wait to go again in the future, as there was so much we were unable to do.

So those are my favourite holidays moments. If you want to make some holiday memories in Europe of your own, try Holiday Gem


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