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A Quick Midweek Pamper Session To Try*



Now and again we all need to give our bodies some tlc. Whether this be shaving our legs, applying a face mask, or washing our hair with a deep conditioner - making sure our bodies are happy is so important. 

If you don’t have a lot of time on your hands but you know that your skin is in serious need of a treatment - here is a midweek pamper routine you can try that is super easy to do and will refresh your face. 

Use a pore cleansing strip 

The first stage to your pamper routine is a pore cleansing strip. This can be applied on the nose or chin and it will rid the skin of dead cells, blackheads, and sebum. To use this you need to first wash your face and warm it with warm water. Now, on a damp nose or chin, apply the strip and press it down. Press over with a towel and leave to dry for 15 minutes. Remove and you’ll see lots of oil and skin coming out of your pores, cleaning them. 

Apply a face mask 

Once you have done a pore cleansing strip it is time to apply a face mask. A face mask will help to penetrate the pores and you will feel fresher and tighter skin afterwards. Whether you are looking at a hyperpigmentation skincare routine or you have blemished skin - there are face masks out there to suit any need. Apply your mask and leave for 20 minutes, and then rinse off. The easiest way to do this is by applying your mask before you shower, and then simply get in the shower and rinse it off in there. For a midweek pamper session this saves a lot of time. 

Wash your face… twice 

Now it is time for your in-shower pamper routine that will refresh the face and get rid of any last bits of debris or dirt in your pores. Wash your face first with a foaming cleanser made for sensitive skin and this will provide a light cleanse for your pores. Then go in with a charcoal face wash which will penetrate deeply and will rid the skin of any dirt. 

Apply toner

Once out of the shower, it is time to rebalance the pH of your skin and ensure that it does not breakout. This is an easy step to do and it will ensure that your pores close back up and that your skin feels balanced and healthy. A toner is a simple skincare item and it should always be applied after you have cleansed. Apply with a cotton pad and upward and outward motions. 

Hydrate with vitamin E 

Now it is time to finish your midweek pamper session with hydration - and this can be easily achieved with a vitamin e oil. You can get vitamin e oil from any drugstore and applying this in gentle patting motions all over the skin will rejuvenate the skin as well as promote blood flow.


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